Asbestos-containing materials (ACM’s) were originally used in construction for their acoustic properties, low electrical conductivity and resistance to fire, heat and chemicals. 
If inhaled, the fibres remain deposited in the lungs, causing diseases such as asbestosis, asbestos-related lung cancers and mesothelioma. Now that we know just how dangerous asbestos is to human health, the production of ACM’s for the construction industry has completely ceased since 1999. Unfortunately, since 1900 approximately 6.1 million tonnes of asbestos were imported to the UK and used in the manufacture of approximately 3000 different products. As a result, these materials are still widely found and uncovered during renovations, demolitions and extensions of existing buildings. As a result, the awareness, handling and disposing of asbestos-containing materials are carefully monitored in accordance with the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.’ Making it crucial for the construction industry and related contractors to stay up to date with training.

Learning from Peers

Thankfully the IATP provides many options for training providers across the UK. We do recommend that you think carefully about what you want to get out of the course before selecting a training provider, as not all instructors can give the same quality insight.
You may want to consider learning from a peer rather than an office-based training company perhaps? Wirral based commercial construction specialists Trustland Construction have recently created just an environment, utilising their 45 years of practical experience to attendees’ benefit. asbestos trainingTheir Asbestos specialist and primary training provider Richard Brennan is himself a UKAS accredited P402 asbestos surveyor with many years of experience with Asbestos Containing Materials. His knowledge and experience allow him to provide real-life examples and scenarios when delivering the course to other tradespeople.
Trustland currently offers both ‘Category A Asbestos Awareness’ and ‘Category B Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal’ courses that can be completed from either their training facility in Bromborough or at a site of your choice. Of course, another major benefit to training with a company like Trustland, is that they understand the importance of targeted training methods too. If you have a specific area that you would like to focus on, such as roofing, building maintenance or pipework and gaskets; they will gladly tailor the course to accommodate your needs if possible. Ensuring you receive an in-depth understanding of the most relevant tasks to your team.  
For more information please contact Richard or training coordinator Julia today on 0151 653 5566.  

Richard Brennan - Asbestos Specialist
P402 Asbestos Surveyor - UKAS
Julia Cornelius
QSHE Administrator & Training Coordinator


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