Despite Brexit fears thousands of jobs in the energy sector are still up for grabs.

Sengled is amongst the leading providers of energy-efficient LED lighting devices and are a fantastic addition to your smart home.

A smart home has become a reality for many people. As products have become more affordable, it is no longer just for the rich and famous. Home owners are up scaling their properties to benefit from the latest smart home systems, and they need someone to install these for them.

~ Industrial automation components supplier releases smart technology guide ~'s infographic – The Impact of Future Technology on Saving Energy – helps energy users gain a better understanding of new, innovative technologies and their effect on energy conservation.

NEW grants of up to £10,000 are being offered to community groups across Britain to help spread understanding about the introduction of energy smart meters.

Being smarter is the mantra by which we live our lives right now, whether that’s by using smart phones, investing in smart fridges or monitoring our bio movements with fitness trackers.

Tweak, toggle and tinker with the tone of rooms with this revolutionary Smart bulb.

How good electrical systems are the key to smart city success  The race is on to develop smart cities of the future that are cleaner, greener, easier to navigate and better to live in.