In our environmentally conscious world, LEDs are a great option for lighting, but they have so many more benefits than we might realise. David Boultbee, Technical Consultant at Ultra LEDs told us why we should make the switch to LEDs.

Over 400 LEDVANCE Panel LED 600 have been installed to meet the high lighting demands throughout Dublin’s Connolly Hospital and provide a 70% energy saving.

Electricity is something that we may not even think about, it’s become so ingrained into our daily lives, we barely stop to think that just 100 years ago this LED invention didn’t even exist.

Optonica LED UK is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of LED lighting within Europe, originally based in London for the last three years, they have recently moved up to good ‘ole Yorkshire. Yes, we will make you a good brew if you come and visit!

Heating products manufacturer Fabdec has invested in LED lighting across its operations, improving energy efficiency as well as workforce health and wellbeing.

Distribution centres and logistic hubs are the backbone of any business that handles stock. Ultimately these modern warehouses make the supply chain more efficient and effective and they are closely monitored in terms of their own productivity.