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As a result of Covid-19, many businesses are finding themselves in very unchartered territory and they are having to review the way that they operate. With this in mind, we have put together five things you can do now, to help better prepare for life once normality resumes. These tips are aimed at helping your business to be more successful online and most of them will require minimal financial input.

1. Improve your social media presence

During these times of increased remote working, more than ever, there is an emphasis on staying connected and speaking to your customers on a more personal level. Take the time to review which social media platforms you are currently using, how you are using them and whether there is more you can do on these free channels to provide content which is useful, engaging and entertaining.

Instagram can be great if you are a brand which sells products, as it can showcase these in a visually appealing way. Twitter is brilliant for shorter snippets of information alongside images and polls. LinkedIn could be used to grow your connections, like digital networking, with your profile acting as a digital business card.Hannah Broom tips on how to prepare for life post COVID-19

2. Ask your customers for reviews

Now is a great time to ask your customers what they think of the services/products which you provide. You may be able to learn from any negative feedback, or, with the customer’s permission, you may be able to add positive reviews to your website and help build trust signals to encourage others to do business with you.

Reviews can be collected via platforms such as Trust Pilot - you will be able to respond to any negative ones, giving you the opportunity to transform the disgruntled customer into a delighted one.

3. Plan for the future

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Whilst we are unable to recommend a hindsight tool, we can advise on putting together a plan for the future. Having a business continuity plan in place will help build your resilience to unexpected events, should anything like this happen again.

Review the challenges that you are facing now, such as remote working, communications, software and use of the cloud to allow for remote working, access to the internet, access to business files and data, then think about what action you can take to help streamline these processes to allow for a smoother transition should you ever need to again.

4. Review and improve your website

Social distancing has reconfirmed the importance of having a strong online presence and this starts with having a clear, easy to use website - typically with an About Us page and individual pages for each service/product you sell. You may even choose to have a News/Blog section where you can share company news and added value information with prospective and existing customers.

With both products and services, it is vital that you optimise your website for search engines by writing useful and informative content, which helps to solve your customers’ problems. If you don’t have any marketing resource in-house then consider contacting a digital marketing agency for advice.

5. Upskill yourself

If you find yourself with some spare time on your hands, now may be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and equip yourself with more knowledge on a subject that may help your business in the future. There are a plethora of paid-for training courses available online, as well as a series of free Google courses to help you develop or brush up on your digital marketing skills.

Author bio
Hannah Broom, head of marketing at ERF Electrical. Hannah has 8 years of marketing experience, from in-house to agency and across B2B and B2C customers. She now is leading the marketing team at ERF Electrical to help ensure that the company is there for its customers in these increasingly challenging times.



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