Given the speed at which energy theft cases can escalate and cause danger to life, it’s vital that teams are available to investigate reports instances as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This process is being significantly hampered by time constraints placed on in-house engineers by the smart meter rollout.

However, isn’t always necessary for technical engineers to attend callouts. In fact, our experiences prove that non-technical revenue protection field officers can carry out up to 75% of energy theft investigations successfully.

Such teams that are also experienced in customer service and deSome one commiting energy theftbt collection, also have the added benefit of providing a seamless, end-to-end solution as, they can effectively work to recoup the debt owed without the customer’s account being handed over to different contractors throughout their journey. 

As a result, engineers could focus solely on the most complex tamper cases and smart installations.

Given the enormous fines levied to companies for not meeting rollout targets, this could create significant long-term savings.

Here, Lloyd Birkhead, managing director at Grosvenor Services Group, will discuss the technical vs. non-technical debate and provide advice on how energy suppliers can better use their budget and resource when it comes to tackling energy theft.

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