Anti-terror software which can stop material from being viewed on the internet may become compulsory for small online businesses.

The software has been developed in the UK thanks to £600,000 of public funding and Home Secretary Amber Rudd flew to the USA’s Silicon Valley this week to discuss the tool with tech companies there.

Ms Rudd said the technology, made by ASI Data Science, could become part of British law, saying, "We're not going to rule out taking legislative action if we need to do it. But I remain convinced that the best way to take real action, to have the best outcomes, is to have an industry-led forum like the one we've got."

Ms Rudd referred to the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which is a collaborative project between several governments and global internet companies.

So what does the anti-terror software mean for small and medium-sized companies?

The anti-terror software has been designed with those companies in mind, as web giants like Google and Facebook develop their own anti-terror tools. 

Anti-terror software terrorist on computer

Instead of facing a huge burden in the form of monitoring and tackling content on forums, for example, the companies should use the new tool instead. It should prove much more effective – thousands of hours of Isis videos were run past the software as it was developed – and even stop content from being viewed completely. ASI Data Science claim the tool can catch 94% of Isis terror videos.

The UK-based company says it is now looking for websites to test the software for free, posting on Twitter, "This is a problem the tech giants can’t solve alone! Even if they blocked all terror content on their site, Home Office research shows over 400 smaller platforms were used in 2017. That’s why we are making our software free for any online site that needs it.”

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