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Is this the end of the bathroom pull-cord? Enter the  LoVoSwitch!

Other than a switch on the outside wall of a bathroom the humble pull-cord has been a mainstay for operating lights and fans in bathrooms since regulations barred switches in Zone 2.

The LoVoSwitch (PRE9700) from Prefect Controls could sound the death-nell for this grubby piece of string and return a hint of elegance to our ablutions.

Installed between a 230V supply and any appropriate switch via a low voltage cable, LoVoSwitch fully isolates the mains from the switch which is mounted on the bathroom wall in the traditional way. 

With a capacity of up to 3KW this unit is more than capable of managing the capacity of any bathroom demands and rigorously tested, the LoVoSwitch meets and exceeds all current safety standards.

As well as the aesthetic benefit of switches rather than pull-cords, LoVoSwitch can create different light-mood settings in a bathroom allowing overhead or wall lights to be controlled independently from switches within the room. Extractor fans, and towel rails can also be controlled more conveniently with switches mounted close to them in Zone 2 of the bathroom.

Save energy and prolong Boiler life LoVoSwitch Logo

Another cleverly simple product from Prefect is the RunTimer (PRE9220). 

This cost effective, easy to install unit keeps the pump running after the boiler has turned off by a pre-set time of between 1 second and 2 hours. It is connected between the boiler and the water pump but, can be mounted remotely away from the pump it is controlling.

Undue stress to the heat exchanger is avoided thus prolonging the life of the boiler. Energy savings can be made, as heat used in the system is not wasted as the water cools on the flow side, and as the pump is not constantly running unnecessary sound and vibrations are eliminated.

For more information about either The LoVoSwitch please contact Glen Golding on 01787 320 604 or visit www.prefectcontrols.com

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