A career as an Electrical Contractor, Consultant or Panel Builder can be lucrative, as well as professionally and emotionally rewarding. However, it can also be uniquely challenging. The Electrical industry is competitive, and margins can be tight. 

Mistakes / Miscalculations/ Misinterpretations /Delays happen, or time spent being unable to work add pressures, some outside of your control. Unfortunately, Stress is a major part of the job, but keeping it under check is crucial to your performance and physical health, and Work life Balance.

Often roles in the Electrical industry Supply Chain involve a lot of travel, working away from home, health & safety risks, complex technologies, tight deadlines and large/very public projects, with Long Hours.

Acknowledging the pressure being applied is the first, and probably thA man who works in the electrical industry stressing oute most difficult, part of overcoming it.

Noticing the warning signs is a crucial first step before working up strategies to mitigate stress. Making time for exercise and relaxation are actionable and effective steps we all need to take to stay healthy and, ultimately, be more productive and successful.

Those in the electrical industry shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to others for advice and insight.

Electrical Industries Charity exist and are set up to help all players in the industry and give them the tools they need to be happy and productive, support, materials and counselling are available to the Electrical Industry Members and the Families.

For more information about managing stress in the electrical industry please visit https://www.schneider-electric.co.uk/en/

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