The latest screwdriver bits, from Durum, drivers ensure electricians are armed with high-performance tools that live up to their reputation and deliver maximum impact.

Nowadays, most electricians’ tool bags will contain an impact driver, to make lighter work of loosening stubborn screws and nuts and to ensure a tight fit.

Essentially, an impact driver works by applying a hammer strike to the bit then turning the bit 180 degrees continuously.

The benefit of an impact driver is therefore that it is higher torque and makes it easier to drive a screw into a piece of wood, with less in the way of hand fatigue, or so you may think.

However, there is a weak link when it comes to the screwdriver bit, whichThe new Durum screw bits inside a drill would end up broken and useless if a torsion zone wasn’t fitted to the driver.

But doing so reduces the impact of the driver, rendering its initial goal all but redundant.

That’s because when driving in a screw with an impact driver using a Torsion Impact Bit, less stress, or rather less power or torque, gets to the screw.

In essence, each 180® turn applied by the drill is being reduced by the torsion zone. 

The new Durum screw bitsManufacturers are in a constant battle to resolve this issue, by introducing torsion zones that protect the bit, rather than meeting the technology and performance of these high torque impact drivers.

Thanks to a new brand in the UK, Durum by Josco, now being distributed in the UK through Hyde, electricians can enjoy more torque in their drivers.

Durum is a range of impact screwdriver bits from the Australian brand which have been specially designed to fit European and UK fasteners.

Delivering more torque to the tip, the Durum bit maximises the power, transferring virtually all the torque directly to the screw so are up to 38% quicker than a torsion bit, while the precision tip offers a perfect fit to the screw for maximum efficiency and reduced cam out.

More power to the screw doesn’t come at the expense of your pocket in this instance either, as Durum bits are actually cheaper to make with no requirement for a torsion zone to be engineered in; a cost that the manufacturer is happy to pass on to its customers. 

For more details on Durum by Josco, available in the UK through Hyde, call 0121 704 2324 or visit

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