Lightwave reveals homeowners are getting themselves in a total state of panic when going on holiday, as they race out of the house then panic they’ve not locked-up or switched-off properly

Lightwave, the UK’s only fully integrated smart home automation company, has revealed that 38% of people are putting their homes in danger by leaving hazardous appliances switched on, when rushing out of the house to go on holiday. 

Flight and Fright

In a race to fly out of the door, some of us are rushing around the house frantically double-checking everything whereas for many it’s only once they’re on the road that they start to worry about the state that they’ve left the house in, causing a state of ‘Flight and Fright’. This is evidenced by almost half (49%) of people reporting they panic or worry they’ve left hazardous items, such as a hob, the iron or a tap, plugged in or switched on when they take a trip.

One in five (20%) said this meant they kicked off the holiday by either arguing with a partner or feeling more stressed because of the panic.

However, the panic is not without due course with 46% of Brits admitting they’ve left their windows unlocked when they have gone away, and almost a quarter (23%) having left them physically open when they’ve gone on a trip.

Just under a third (30%) of anxious Brits have asked someone to check that their windows and doors have been shut or locked properly. For those who aren’t able to call on a friend to check, the consequences can be much more severe, as 10% of Brits have missed a plane, train or bus for their holiday, due to leaving items switched on and having to go back and check. Young people are the worst-affected by this, with 22% of 18-24 year olds having missed an important train bus or flight for this reason.

  • 38% of people admit to having left hazardous appliances, such as the hob, iron or tap, on when on holiday or taking a trip overnight Lightwave socket

  • Hair straighteners proved to be the worst offender, particularly with 18-24 year olds as 27% saying they’ve left their straighteners on. 

  • Concerns around burglaries are also high with 64% of respondents saying they mimic occupancy in some way (i.e. leaving lights on a timer or the curtains open or closed) in order to deter thefts  

  • However,almost a quarter (23%)admitted they’d accidentally left windows open while on trips away from home

Safety hazards when the home’s alone

Hair straighteners proved to be the worst offender, particularly with 18-24 year olds as 27%said they’ve left their straighteners on. With hair straightener temperatures exceeding that of a deep fat-fryer, this can pose a serious fire risk if straighteners do not have an ‘automatic switch-off’ function built in. 

In addition to fire and flood-damage risks, concerns about being burgled are also high. To counteract the risk, 64%of respondents saying they mimic occupancy by leaving lights on a timer or the curtains open or closed in order to deter thefts. 

John Shermer, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Lightwave commented:

“As our lives get busier and more hectic, the demand is increasing for smart systems that enable people to control their home environments remotely and give them peace of mind. Smart home technology has advanced to reduce concerns over coming back to a break in, a flood or a sky-high bill from leaving appliances on. From power to heatinglighting to motion sensors and triggers that detect whether a door or window is open, Lightwave’s technology has been designed to enable homeowners to control the whole home environment at the touch of their smartphones or tablets. This means the panic that ensues after leaving the house can become a thing of the past and the R&R can kick off as soon as you leave the house.” 

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