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Securing a private or public building is a complex issue. From Access Control systems to intruder alarms and CCTVs, many solutions are available for businesses and individuals to secure their premises. In today’s environment, optimal security solutions can only be achieved by integrating security systems to allow everyone’s unique requirements to be met. From boosting productivity to lower costs, integrating a security system can benefit businesses in many ways.

What is an Integrated Security System?

An integrated security system allows for multi-layered security systems and integrates them into one solution. Integrating your access control system with your other security systems helps to consolidate your entire security set-up and response.
Online Access Control systems integrating with a large range of CCTVs and Intrusion Alarm systems, allow users to experience a fully functional edge-based system. It gives users a unified security system, accessible from one easy-to-use online interface.
The recent CDVI’s ATRIUM / Texecom intrusion alarm integration enables users to benefit from a convenient, reliable and cost-effective integrated security system, managing both access control and intruder alarms. Setting up only one system and deciding all alarm features via the ATRIUM software and app allows for reduced installation time and on-site labour costs.

Why integrating access control and intruder alarm?
Integration between access control and intruder alarm systems offers significant benefits. It allows users to unlock doors only when the intruder alarm is disarmed.

The “first man in” function will only activate the access control system and doors if one authorised staff member is already in the building, reducing false alarms. 
Integrating via IP gives end users the ability to arm and disarm areas via different means, for example the CDVI integration lets users arm andWoman using CDVI Integrated Security System disarm areas through the Texecom keypad, any readers on the system, the ATRIUM free management software and the ATRIUM free web interface. This flexibility gives end users the ability to control their entire system remotely, cost-effectively and efficiently at any given time.

Key benefits of Integrated Security Systems
Efficiency – Through the centralisation of all security systems into one, businesses and individuals will gain in efficiency. Online interfaces are easy to use and allow for fast access and effective management of the database, boosting the productivity and efficiency of the security team.

Real Time monitoring – Business management teams and individuals are able to see what is happening in their premises instantly and remotely. The ATRIUM web interface allows for real time management and monitoring of users, doors and areas from anywhere in the world and at any time users might need it.

Cost saving – An integrated security system will offer considerable cost saving. All ATRIUM access control systems come with a free installer software and end user interface, making it a cost-effective access control solution part of your integrated security system. 

Where to start?
Access Control systems are a key part of any Integrated Security Systems as they provide a way to control and monitor access through one or multiple sites. CCTVs and Alarm systems can then be added to access control systems supporting integrations and allowing the management of all security systems on one platform, giving end users a fully functional Integrated Security Systems.
As Access Control systems are often the starting point of any Integrated Security Systems, it is important to choose the right system for the right installation. For a cost-effective and easy-to-manage system, you should look for an access control provider giving you the following features:
-    The ability to manage multiple sites through one remote access.
-    A web-based system, which can be managed via any device (and not requiring a PC and Ethernet connection).
-    A free software and updates, guaranteeing no limitations, no licence costs and giving you access to latest versions/upgrades available.
-    A certification programme that creates success, thanks to free training opportunities and a technical support always available.
-    A full ownership of the access control solution you are offering, meaning your supplier will give you all the specifications needed to install and maintain a system and its database hosting.
-    An extended warranty, giving you added peace of mind and allowing installers to make extended maintenance contracts with their clients. CDVI’s 10-year warranty is our promise to always support you and provide you with the best service.

Learn more about access control benefits and integrations on the CDVI website: www.cdvi.co.uk


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