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Nittan Europe - a leading manufacturer of conventional and addressable fire detection products – is a proud sponsor of South Eastern Regional College’s (SERC) ‘Outstanding Apprentice Fire Alarm Engineer of the Year’.  Nittan has supplied a prize and trophy, plus free of charge fire alarm products for students to train on.

SERC, based in Northern Ireland, provides a wide range of courses, apprenticeships, professional development training, online fire alarm engineer fitting product learning and tailored training for businesses.  The college has close links with specialist fire and security companies which enables students and apprentices on Fire and Security Engineering programmes to gain valuable knowledge and experience.

Nittan was introduced to the college through its Bangor-based customer Solutions for Systems - an independently owned business providing design, supply, installation, commissioning, integration and maintenance of fire, security, electrical and satellite & aerial communication systems.  Solutions for Systems hasa close working relationship with SERC and has actively supported the Fire and Security Engineering Apprenticeships by helping lecturers to develop demonstration models and help promote the programmes.  

Lee James, General Manager - Product Marketing at Nittan, comments: “we see industry specific training and apprenticeships as vital to the long-term health of the fire industry. Nittan can make the best fire safety products in the world, but if those products aren’t correctly installed or if the system design is poor, then the fire detection system does not perform to its best.  We value the work being done by SERC, and by installers such asSolutions for Systems who take the time to support these apprentices.”

The Nittan Group has been at the forefront of the international fire protection industry since 1954.  It continuously innovates and strives for exceptional quality products of the highest standards.   For more information go towww.nittan.co.uk


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