Having the proper tools as an electrician is crucial. There are certain essential tools for the safety of every electrican. This profession includes checking and working with high voltages among other possible points of injury. Thus, tools are not only necessary to execute the work but also to protect those working. Read on to know more about using essential tools as an electrcian.

Types of tools and their uses
There are various types of engineering tools that help work efficiency. There are 2 main categories of tools: hand tools and power tools. Hand tools are operated manually without an electrical source. Power tools require both electrical and manual operation in some way or the other. You can find a wide variety of hand tools at engelbert strauss which is designed to help employers and employees meet the industry standards. They offer high-quality products as safety work wears, safety footwears, work tools and accessories which are highly durable and will last for years. 

  • Basic electrical maintenance tools - Tools that fit in a basic tool belt are included in this category. Examples include pliers, electrical drills, screwdrivers, cable ties, tape measure, level, and electrical tape.
  • Tools for electricians - These include industry-specific tools which are only used in the field. Examples are coax connector, voltage tester, wire strippers, flashlights, cable or wire lugs, fish tape, splicing connector, conduit bender, reaming bit, and terminal block.
  • Safety Equipment - These tools are made for the electrician and provide safety while working. Examples include flame retardant work shirt, rescue rod/hook, insulated gloves, and safety glasses.

What are the ‘must-have tools’ for Electricians?Essential Tools for Electricians
Depending on the work, electrical tools may vary. Here are the 5 main must-have tools that should be carried by every electrician:

  1.  Pliers - Pliers are the most important tool for every electrician. They are designed to cut or strip wires.
  2. Screwdrivers - Electricians should be armed with a variety of screwdrivers to lose and fasten various pieces of hardware.
  3. Wire strippers -Wire strippers are the essential tool that evacuates the insulation from electric wires
  4. Fish tape - A tool for numerous applications. Most commonly used to draw cables through conducts.
  5. Voltage Indicator - This tool is a necessity.  It measures the presence/absence of power, avoiding unwanted voltages.

Tips to maintain tools
The longevity and performance of tools is dependent on the maintenance and cleanliness. Here are some tips to ensure a long life for your work tools:

  • All tools need to be cleaned properly and inspected for faults regularly
  • It is essential to use and store the tools correctly. Both hand and power tools need these practices
  • Keep checking if the batteries and wiring is in place and functional

Depending on every electricians’ field of expertise, the types of tools differ. As an electrician refrain from purchasing tools from discount shops. High quality tools ensure improvements in work safety and efficiency. Having plenty of quality hand tools for the basic tasks is essential. Refrain from buying tools from picking the right. No matter what type of tools, maintaining equipment will prolong the lifetime of the tools and ensure a safe working environment. To become proficient in this field, carrying the right tools and maintaining them properly is crucial.


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