Top 5 reasons to buy cables from a BASEC Registered Stockist

When you need to source cables s for your projects your local stockist will often be your first port of call. You may set out to find a stockist that has sufficient stock levels and competitive pricing. However, what is your measure of a quality distributor? How can you be sure that the cable products have been handled appropriately and meet the relevant requirements of safety and quality? The answer is simple, purchase from a BASEC approved Registered Stockist.

Learn the top five reasons to source your cable from third party approved stockists in this quick guide. Discover how these benefits will help your business to stand out against your competition.

1) Reduce Risk: In choosing approved products from a verified cable stockist, the cables you purchase will have maintained the same levels of quality since leaving the manufacturing source. The risk of future problems such as repair and replacements are reduced, meaning you will have greater peace of mind that the products are fit for purpose in their end application and are made to last.

2) Realisation When you buy cables from a BASEC approved Registered Stockist it provides you with greater certainty of performance and reliability in operation. You can also be assured that cables match the original manufacturing source specifications and will have maintained, through independent approval and standards verification, the same levels of quality throughout the supply chain.BASEC Registered Stockist

3) Reliability: Evidence proven quality when you purchase cable from an approved supplier. Valid product approval documentation illustrates a manufacturer’s consistent compliance to the standards and is available to download on the BASEC website and via the Certification App. Look for the Registered Stockist mark when selecting your supplier and the BASEC Roundel when buying approved cable products.

4) Reward: Demanding cables are sourced from a Registered Stockist demonstrates your drive to prioritise the highest levels of quality control and safety. Reinforced by your need to use the best in class products and practices. Display your commitment to continuous improvement within built electrical infrastructures and networks when quality matters – choose BASEC.  

5) Reputation: The cost of poor quality can put your reputation at stake. If cable is installed into a project from a non-approved manufacturer or supplier, it is not known how the product will perform. Purchasing from a Registered Stockist means quality has not been comprised.

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Always buy BASEC approved cables from a BASEC approved Registered Stockist.

BASEC is the preferred testing and certification partner to the worldwide cable industry. The mark of independently approved quality and safety is only awarded when cable products have been rigorously tested to meet the highest industry recognised standards. The BASEC name is synonymous with quality and safety and our independent cable certification and testing is trusted and respected around the world. For over 45 years BASEC has been a mark of reassurance for those manufacturing, specifying and installing cable. Our comprehensive product testing approvals, stockists and control cable certification schemes provide purchasers and contractors with the peace of mind that the cable they install is compliant, safe, fit for purpose and will provide years of reliable service. To discuss your requirements, contact us here