Safety first!  DHF continues its drive for higher standards when selecting flat entrance doorsets

Global workwear brand Dickies is working with colleges across the country to help instil pride in construction students and apprentices through its Earn Your Shirt campaign.

Electric heating provides a great alternative to traditional gas central heating, and often a dependable source of warmth in emergency situations, not to mention its green footprint when compared to traditional natural gas and oil, and as a result its lower cost.

Electric trade can be a lucrative industry to be involved with but, when you're self-employed, it can often feel hard to compete.

Sortimo International GmbH has included a new value-adding function into their online service, mySortimo labels.


If you’re making the move from full time employment to self employment, there are lots of things to consider, and you’ll probably find yourself juggling a new workload with having to learn a whole range of new skills and abilities. 

The gender-pay gap is never far from the news cycle these days and the so-called Motherhood Penalty is just one facet of a wider societal problem that is slowly coming into light after a study finalised by the University of Bristol in November of last year revealed the Motherhood Penalty in all o

Want to start a new career as a self-employed tradesman, but worried about matching your expectations to the reality? VHR’s Engineering Recruitment Specialist Gary Taylor reveals all.

Makita has launched the latest addition to its radio range, with the DMR115 Job Site Radio. With Bluetooth functionality and a light weight of 4.8-5.5kg, it is the perfect companion for construction workers. 


SELECT has reminded its Members to have their say and take part in an industry-wide consultation on the use of cash retentions in construction.

Essentra Components online guide is a new guide for companies worldwide who are struggling with multiple suppliers, perhaps all working to differing standards and practices – a situation where relationship benefits and cost savings can be hard to achieve in a complex web of supply channels.

Almost half of local authorities in England do not know their own carbon footprint, according to a freedom of information request from leading engineering services trade body ECA.

It can be a full-time job ensuring the safety of your home, that’s why the latest range of advanced home security systems from Securefast are designed to offer surveillance for both the inside and outside of your home 24 hours a day 7 day

Switchtec’s enclosed switch disconnectors are available in GRP or Mild Steel Enclosures.

The need for more young people to join the electrical industry in Scotland has never been greater – and those who do so will have an “opportunity for life”.