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As manufacturers of high-quality plastic items, Essentra Components are well placed to offer generic advice to engineers involved in the sourcing plastic components process. It is a truism that it is always helpful to a best possible outcome if both supplier and customer are fully involved – so in consideration of this ongoing conversation Essentra Components are delighted to offer some free guidance which can be downloaded from their website.

Their view is that whether you’re designing or assembling a new product, ensuring that your plastic components are made of the best materials and to the closest tolerances is essential. As well as affecting the quality of the final product, selecting an inaccurate part can cause faults in its function and lead to increased costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most popular manufacturing methods for producing plastic components across the UK and wider world. Its ability to mass produce high-quality parts to an accuracy of within 0.005 inches makes it clear why the British Plastics Federation estimated the UK turnover of the process to be in the region of £3.5 billion.

However, to guarantee a consistent level of quality, manufacturers have to consider and control a range of parameters within the process, such as temperature, mould design and machine efficiency. For engineers and assemblers to ensure they have the highest quality parts possible, they need to choose a manufacturer who’ll offer expertise at each stage of the process.

Guidance about Essentra Components covers the soMulti coloured Plastic components that are made by Essentra Componentsurcing plastic components process such as: 

  • How to choose the right manufacturer
  • Creating an accurate mould
  • Choosing the right plastic
  • Efficiency of the injection moulding process
  • Reduce and recycle waste
  • Machinery maintenance
  • OEE score
  • Choosing a manufacturer with the right machinery
  • Using Industry 4.0 to maintain quality
  • Look for great service with efficient process

For more information please visit the Essentra website at www.essentracomponents.com/en-gb/news/guides/a-short-guide-to-finding-high-quality-plastic-components.


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