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GARO Electric is delighted to announce the opening of their new Birmingham facility from November 2019. Their extensive product range is being supplied to a large network of electrical wholesalers across the UK.

A full range of EV Charging Stations, Consumer Units, Enclosures, Components, Switchgear and CEE Plugs & Sockets is available to the market. An establishedmanufacturer and distributor, GARO has been committed to developing and supplying quality products for over 80 years. Using this extensive industry expertise, their product ranges are continually evolving to respond to changes in the market. As new regulations come online, product offerings are expanded to ensure compliance and choice.

The strongest and most topical example of this evolution is notable in their Garo Employee promoting the new Birmingham facilityEV Charging Range. GARO has been manufacturing ‘Car Heater Stations’ for the Nordic region over the last 40 years. This product allows the car owner to connect their car to an AC supply to enable the car to pre-heat oil, water and air in the main cabin of the car - a necessary function due to low temperatures in the Nordic region. For GARO the development of EV Charging stations was not the quantum leap that it was for other manufacturers, it was a natural next step working from their established expertise in this space.

GARO backs all products with significant warranties - Mechanical Components, MCB, RCD & RCBO are covered for five years, EV Charging Stations for three years and all other products for two years.

For more information, visit www.garo.co.uk



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