Sortimo International GmbH has included a new value-adding function into their online service, mySortimo labels. In order to gain optimised work place organisation, customers of the market leader now have the ability to create labels for the components of their SR5 van racking system retrospectively via the online configurator.

As a result, craftsmen and service technicians experience even greater value in the standardisation and systematisation of their mobile working life which couples with a distinct increase in efficiency and productivity.

For a better structure and overview within the LCV, Sortimo, the market-leader for van racking systems and intelligent mobility solutions, have integrated one of the most modern methods of work place organisation.

This is in accordance with the 5S method in the van racking system SR5 which enables an extremA combination of SR5 with mySortimo labels offers the best conditions for keeping order and cleanliness inside the vehicleely efficient working environment for craftsmen and service technicians.  

Due to a labelling system on individual SR5 components such as standard shelves, drawers, cases and BOXXes, the cargo space becomes much clearer and distinctly structured.

This reduces essential time during a tradesman’s work day as searching for unorganised tools is eliminated and the refill process is improved.  If all labels are created together with the SR5 van racking system, the vehicle will be delivered and ready for use – meaning completely equipped and labelled ensuring that the craftsman and the service technician can instantly approach their customers giving a professional impression.

With the extension of mySortimo labels, an additional service for Sortimo customers is available from now on for Sortimo customers. This service provides a great advantage of creating labels for already ordered and assembled SR5 van racking systems. 


The creation of the labels for the SR5 van racking system simply takes place via the online mySortimo configurator: 

1. Start configuration: The user can either enter the configurator via the configuration ID of his/her aSortimo offers a highly efficient working environment in the vehicle by offering mySortimo labelslready ordered SR5 van racking system or enter by using a saved configuration in the vehicle administration section by using the function “Configurate new labels for already ordered van racking systems” to carry out the labelling.

2. Selection of components: All components with a label option are marked. The user can re-enter the labelling directly via this mark.

3. Inscription: To label the selected BOXX or drawer, the user can manually create a new label or copy and adapt an existing label from the inventory list.

Depending on the selected product components, the user can assign multiple labels to e.g. drawers, standard shelves or SR-BOXXes. By selecting a colour code, including predefined icons or uploading graphics, a visually clear result is ensured. 

4. Complete order: After completing the configuration and the order process, the created labels will be saved in your mySortimo Account which makes re-ordering in the future, quick and easy at any time. 

This new service is especially suitable when adding new labels to an existing SR5 van racking syBy using mySortimo labels, SR5 components can be inscribed individually in the configuratorstem or relabelling for a changed structure within the van racking system. The mySortimo labels will support tradesmen and service technicians by structuring their company vehicle usefully and sorting materials in an orderly manner for their daily use.

Due to the improved clarity and structure, the labels help to significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of trade businesses which ultimately leads to improved profitability for their companies.

Introductory discount for mySortimo labels 

As part of the expansion of the online service mySortimo labels, Sortimo customers will receive ten labels, including inscription and flat service rate, free of charge until 31 March 2020 when purchasing a SR5 van racking system.

The offer is valid for offline purchases from a Sortimo branch office or station as well as for orders of an online configurated SR5 van racking system. You can find all information about the campaign and the mySortimo labels service here: .


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