LOT 20 requires all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 to comply with a new minimum efficiency standard.

How LOT 20 Works:

All heater types are given a baseline “seasonal space heating efficiency” figure and must reach a corrected target to become compliant. The target varies by heater category type, and can be met or exceeded by adding controls which are deemed to add efficiencies. Using external controls, LOT 20 recognizes that external control systems are a significant factor in improving efficiencies and encouraging the use of effective zoning. Unless they are mechanical, it is NOT the case that controls need to be integrated into the heater itself.

Very basically…  From 1st January 2018 all electric space heaters sold in the UK must meet a set of minimum efficiency standards, this means that at the very least all heaters will have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy and comply with Energy Related Products Regulations (ERP)  no more analogue control !

What are intelligent electric heating controls?

Intelligent controls managing the running times of your electric heater will incorporate three key features:

  • 24 hour or Timer Control. This could be an integrated programmer, or as with the latest Cali I-Sense, a Wifi connected internet based smartphone app controller.
  • Thermostatic Control. Accurate room temperature measurement by an electronic digital thermostat.
  • Smart Start Control. V27, Open door or window recognition, presence detection technology reduces wasted energy when a thermostat detects a drop in temperature, and the use of presence sensors to enable the heater to automate heating cycles.

Our New Cali Sense is fully Compliant with the new legislation.

Through our Cali Eco Sense range Intelli Heat have been pioneering the integration of Intelligent electric heating controls on direct acting electric heating systems since 2014. Indeed we have worked tirelessly to deliver an intelligent, highly efficient and fully controllable heating system to the UK market, and have promoted the Eco Design legislations key drivers in each of our ranges since the Eco-design Lot 20 legislation was approved in the EU parliament in August 2015.
Intelli Heat Radiators currently compliant to the Eco Design legislation, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of Lot 20. 

Including but not limited to:

  • Lot 20 compliant Intelliheat productHigh accuracy temperature control accurate to within +-0,2°
  • Adaptive temperature control and Eco start functionality
  • 24/7 programming functions, and integrated real time energy consumption in each radiator
  • Smart Open Window Technology (detecting sudden drops in temperature to avoid energy wastage)
  • Presence detection (enabling automated programming for temperature control)
  • V27 technology self-programming (drawing on presence detection to calculate and apply most economical/comfortable programming for each users lifestyle)
  • Ergonomic digital thermostat design with additional alerts for visual/audible impaired users

These are the key basics of our Cali Sense and i-sense eco-design Range, these features are further reinforced through a range of additional features which all combine to deliver further efficiency, controllability and comfort benefits to the users such as:
built-in Wi-Fi, energy consumption display on the radiators, motion and temperature sensors, and most importantly Ultra accurate thermostats which detect room temperature to within 0.1 degrees (this is particularly important when you consider the Carbon Trusts research which suggests that 1 degree extra of heat over 21° will cost the user an average of £65/year, hence the capacity to completely mitigate the occurrence of overheating clearly sets our product apart from most systems which are only accurate to within 3°, and often controlled from a central thermostatic controller rather than individually zoned for each room).

We are continually looking to extend our nationwide network of approved electrical  installers, earn top Commission installing ECO DESIGN Lot 20 compliant Electric Radiators for us.
If you are a qualified and accredited Electrical Contractor, we can give you plenty of work installing electric central heating. Interested? Call 01842338089 or office@intelligentheat.co.uk

INTELLI HEAT are continually looking to extend our nationwide network of approved electrical  installers, earn top Commission installing ECO DESIGN Lot 20 compliant Electric Radiators.
Interested? Call 01842 338089 or office@intelligentheat.co.uk


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