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iLECSYS Group are pleased to announce the acquisition of PBK Enclosures. Peter Bowers of PBK has decided to retire from the business and moving forwards they will be taking on their customer base. They will look to make the transition as easy as possible for Peter’s customers.

Peter said: “We thank all our customers for their support over the last 25 years and we feel sure that iLECSYS will continue to provide the same level of service.”

iLECSYS will be in touch now with all PBK’s existing customers and look fThe iLECSYS logoorward to understanding their needs. 

Grace Tipson said “It is a great pleasure to take on Peter’s business and we look forward to getting to know all the customers. Enclosures are at the very heart of what iLECSYS are about.

A large percentage of enclosures that we sell are also machined to customer specifications in our own factory so we look forward to offering our wide range of products and engineering services to our new customers.”

For more information about the take over please click here


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