A new smoke alarm test aerosol, from Detectasmoke has been praised for its “game-changing” effectiveness.

Earlier this year, Gas Safe Europe unveiled its Detectasmoke DSF1 aerosol, a new variant to complement its existing non-flammable version.

The release of the new Detectasmoke aerosol followed changes to the Aerosol Regulations which meant that the existing propellant could no longer be used in the manufacturing process leading to raw material price increases.

The company’s Detectasmoke products contain a secret dry active ingredient which has been developed by the company’s founder and Managing Director John Stones, an analytical chemist.

It means that unlike other aerosols, it does not leave an oily residue after a smoke alarm test has been carried out.

John said: The new Detectasmoke DSF1 aerosol

“Our Detectasmoke products have been described as ‘game-changing’ by customers. The deposit of residue is a big issue when it comes to the testing of smoke alarms. One of the big issues with other products is that engineers carry out a test and everything seems fine, only to be called back a short time later because the residue has settled and has caused the smoke alarms to be set off. Customers asked me to specifically address this issue and thanks to my background as an analytical chemist I was able to create a dry active ingredient that leaves no residue. The end result is that we have developed technically superior products which increase effectiveness, reliability and value for money.”

In addition to launching the new DSF1 aerosol, North Wales-based Gas Safe Europe has also reformulated its non-flammable product to meet F-Gas Regulations.

All Detectasmoke products are fully compliant with 2018 F-Gas Regulations. They are also suitable for use with all pole delivery systems.

John added:

“The industry has been using aerosols to test for smoke and gas for over 30 years and is committed to continuing to use aerosol products. They do, however, expect manufacturers like ourselves to continue to innovate and bring new, cleaner, more effective products to the market. We believe we have achieved this with our Detectasmoke product range.”

Detectasmoke is widely used across a number of industries including Fire and Security, Maintenance and Marine to regularly test their smoke alarm systems.

Detectasmoke is available in 250ml and 150ml cans and is available from distributors including City Electrical, Wolseley, Edmundson Electrical and CPC.

In addition to Detectasmoke, Gas Safe Europe also manufactures a number of other safety products including Detectagas, Detectaleak and Detectadusta.

For more information about the new Detectasmoke DSF1 aerosol please visit www.gassafeeurope.com

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