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Air Liquide is a global leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health with a presence in over 80 countries, serving more than two million customers and patients. Protection of the valving on their Argon gas bottles had become an important issue. These gas bottles are primarily used for metal fabrication and inflation of diving suits and a cap is needed to protect the industrial valves from ingress of dust and dirt and also to ensure that the bottle has not been subject to any gas leakage. Originally, Air Liquide were using an off-the-shelf solution which was not completely secure, resulting in the cap falling off so leaving the gas bottles vulnerable to contamination, damage and spillage. The company needed to win back the confidence of its customers by proving consistent quality and safety.

Essentra Components was aware of the problems encountered with the previous solution and knew that a speedy response was required to maintain Air Liquide’s reputation for quality. Using its extensive knowledge and years of experience in the Gas market, Essentra Components designed a custom-madethread protector cap and quickly created a 3D prototype which incorporated Air Liquide’s specific requirements.

The tamper evident valve caps are blue with printed branding on each cap, which includes the words: “Valve protection” on each. This Air Liquide using the Essentra capshelps to differentiate Air Liquide’s products from its competitors.

Explained the buyer at Air Liquide: “Essentra Components helped us to improve our customer service and enhance delivery. Their extensive knowledge and expertise has ensured that all orders are received intact, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and no further complaints.”

The team of experts at Essentra Components were able to assist Air Liquide to get a new solution to market in a timely fashion, helping them to improve customer service and enhance delivery. The solution provided the immediate result of improved customer satisfaction with customer complaints relating to the caps falling off, being quickly eradicated.

The tailored solution with tamper evident feature prevents contamination, so enhancing safety and security. With the added benefit of improved supply-chain efficiency, the custom solution from EssentraComponents safeguards Air Liquide’s product from manufacture through the whole delivery process.

Since there is now no requirement for Air Liquide to replace bottles with possible contamination, there is also a significant cost saving.

Overall the buyers at Air Liquide are delighted and explain: “Essentra Components and Air Liquide have a long-standing relationship of over 16 years. Delivering tailor-made solutions is what makes Essentra Components distinctive. Creating a bespoke cap for our gas bottles ensured we were able to safeguard our product from production through to storage and shipping.”

Further information on Essentra Components products can be found on the Essentra Components website – www.essentracomponents.com, or contact sales@essentracomponents.com. Follow them on social media: https://facebook.com/essentracomponents/www.linkedin.com/company/essentrahttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-2g7tiLiKxsDptdC79BNQ


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