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PropertyHeads.com, the property and social network portal, has just registered its 5,000th tradesmen since its launch, four months ago.

The portal has experienced huge demand and is now seeing more than 300 trade professionals registering a week including electricians, plumbers, decorators and builders.  Many are attracted by the opportunity to grow their businesses by word of mouth via PropertyHeads’ tradesmen recommendation space, together with the business profiles, job leads and the fully integrated social network. PropertyHeads.com offers free business profiles to all trade professionals, as well as the option to respond to an unlimited number of job leads, at no cost.

PropertyHeads.com is so much more than a directory that allows consumers to review tradesmen.  It is the only site that puts the reviews in front of those consumers' friends and colleagues, at the point they are looking for that service.  This is a unique feature allows consumers to see reviews from people they already trust and good tradesmen are able to grow their businesses, by word of mouth. 

Ben Davis, CEO of PropertyHeads.com comments: propertyheads Logo

“PropertyHeads.com is free, so there is no negative selection bias that comes with charging trades professionals that can't fill their own diaries. It's also built on the assumption that The Networking Effect is a more powerful means of regulation than membership to any remote trade body or licensing scheme.  Unlike traditional tradesmen recommendation websites, PropertyHeads.com encourages trade professionals to connect and collaborate directly with homeowners. The site has been designed with the aim of offering trade professionals more information about a potential client, as well as giving homeowners tradesmen reviews from people in their network. Clients are rightly suspicious of tradesmen reviews online that are either anonymous, or cannot be attributed to somebody they know and trust. Our studies have shown that word-of-mouth is both by far the preferred method for tradesmen to win new business and that potential customers are much more likely to select a trade professional if their friend, or another trusted connection, has reported a positive experience.” 


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