Industrial workers are faced with many challenging environments, often exposed to dirt and contamination on a daily basis. These conditions have led to frequent hand washing, with many workers using soaps that are too mild or too harsh for their skin.

Recent research carried out by skin care specialists, Deb, identified that in addition to the need for frequent hand washing, workers felt that dispensers were often unclear or in the wrong locations and many products left their skin dry and unconditioned.

After undergoing significant testing and focus groups with workers across a number of industries, Deb has created a new range of high-performance foam hand cleaners that deliver exactly what is required – a powerful clean whilst caring for the skin.

An innovation in foam soap technology, POWER FOAMS offer a solution for all industrial environments, from New POWER FOAMS Hand Cleaners warehousing and logistics to heavy manufacturing. Clinically proven to care for the skin, they leave hands feeling conditioned and cared for, no matter how stubborn the dirt or challenging the environment.

With twice the cleaning performance as traditional washroom soaps and hand cleaners, two new POWER FOAMS, Estesol® FX™ and Solopol® GFX™ have been created to offer the optimum skin care for workers.

Estesol® FX™ has been specifically formulated to offer a unique foam hand cleaner for those lighter industrial environments where a solution has previously been compromised. It effortlessly tackles general dirt, grime, oil and grease and 73% agreed that FX™ left hands feeling conditioned after use. Also available in a perfume-free and dye-free format, Estesol FX™ PURE is ideal for food manufacturing environments.

Designed for heavy duty cleaning, Solopol® GFX™ with extra grit is suitable for roles where workers’ hands are exposed to oils, grease, carbon black and lubricants. Tests revealed that 87% of workers prefer Solopol® GFX™ compared to their existing hand cleanser while 78% of users agree that GFX™ leaves hands feeling smooth and cared for after use.

New POWER FOAMS Hand Cleaners Responding to the issues raised in the research with workers, new dispensers have been launched to complement POWER FOAMS. Impactful, clearly labelled and intuitive, they have been designed for an industrial environment and tested with workers to confirm suitability.

Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at Deb, said:

“The team at Deb has been working closely with workers and managers to truly understand the issues they face within their specific working environments. The priority for managers was to improve wellbeing and workplace culture but they were looking for guidance on which products were right for their environment and simply gave them the performance and care that they were looking for."

“We are excited to be launching POWER FOAMS, offering a skin care solution for workers, no matter what industry they are in or challenge they face. The range ensures there’s no trade-off between a powerful product and one that cares for the skin.”

The POWER FOAMS range is skin friendly, even suitable for sensitive skin, whilst powering away dirt. Lasting up to twice as long as traditional washroom soaps and hand cleaners, they only require one shot of foam. They are also EU Eco Label Certified, illustrating the products’ reduced environmental impact.

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