Self-employed electricians are feeling the pinch with their weekly earnings falling by £124 a week during January compared to December. 

“It sounds grim,” says Hudson Contract Managing Director Ian Anfield. 

“But it’s exactly what we expect at this time of year. After a hectic Christmas, many sites and their subbies take the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned break, and it takes until the end of January for everyone to get back into full swing.”

Even with pay rates down by 12.2% for the month, the average electrical sub-contractor continued to earn £1,016 a week, with earnings highest in the East of England at £1,117 and lowest in the South-West at £761. Hudson Contract logo

It’s worth noting that despite the drop in January earnings, year-on-year earnings are up £42 a week, a rise of 4.3% – almost double the rate of inflation.

Hudson Contract, founded in 1996, is the UK’s largest Construction Industry Scheme payroll provider, delivering the most accurate indication of sub-contractor pay trends across the construction industry, using payroll data for more than 2,200 UK construction companies.

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