Hamilton Litestat’s Marketing Manager, Gavin Williams, discusses the issues faced by installers when purchasing products for a domestic wiring installation and how this has spurred this UK Manufacturer into broadening its product portfolio to offer a one-stop-shop for installers.

Purchasing the right products for domestic wiring installations can be a costly minefield. We’re spoilt for choice, with quality and cost varying greatly. When margins are tight, a cheaper option seems appealing, but that ‘easy to install’ claim could be false, or a third party product could turn out to be incompatible. Yet, at the other end of the scale, being more expensive doesn’t necessarily result in a more effective solution.

Product compatibility and quality assured across the Hamilton range

This issue was raised by installers during our regular contractor days. They want a solution to ensure they don’t receive costly call backs for replacement of faulty or unsuitable products. The solution seemed simple – purchase everything from a single manufacturer. They will have done all the design legwork to ensure compatibility and quality across the range.

It’s this that has driven Hamilton’s recent product development programme, which has expanded into a complete turnkey solution for all domestic wiring needs.


  1. Hamilton Litestat’s Marketing ManagerCircuit Protection

  2. Electrical wiring accessories

  3. LED Dimming

  4. Smart Lighting Control

  5. Smart Multi-room Audio

  6. Outdoor Lighting & Power

  7. Customer Support!


For most domestic situations – even in the case of a complete rewiring – this extended range of products provides a turnkey solution, designed to make the installer’s life easier. We want installers to know that they can trust Hamilton to supply all the necessary products, in the appropriate design, at a cost-conscious price, fit them with ease and move on to the next job.

Furthermore, with our customer support they know that any questions can be quickly resolved. We want to give installers the peace of mind that they can finish a job and be confident that they won’t receive any costly call-backs for incompatibility, faulty or low-quality products.

Purchasing and installing electrical wiring products from a single vendor offers clear practical and business benefits. The Hamilton name has always been synonymous with stunning ‘form’ and faultless ‘function’, and our goal is to be known as the brand that professional installers can also call upon for quality turnkey electrical wiring solutions.

Latest new products include: Ultra dual 2.4A USB switched socket plates, consumer unit flush mounting kit and the all new Elemento range of weatherproof wiring accessories.

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