Recolight are hosting a conference to highlight how the lighting industry can adopt Circular Economy principles. The event, which takes place in London Docklands 22 October, is intended to highlight the commercial opportunities in ending waste and obsolescence for lighting products. 

The conference reflects the increased need for the industry to deal with the impact of its products and practices on the environment.

The one-day discussion will bring together Government, manufacturers, specifiers, and end users to discuss the steps that all must take to improve their environmental performance.  Delegates will also hear of the legislation and standards that is likely to drive these requirements.

Why Circular Economy principles are important to lighting The Lighting and the Circular Economy Conference 2020 banner

Transformation to a circular economy is increasingly being seen as essential if manufacturing is to be sustainable.  This will become ever more important as demand for resources rises, and energy costs increase.

With changes to legislation, lighting producers should start considering how some of the principles might be included in the products they design and manufacture.  The earlier companies start, the more likely they are to be able to meet/exceed the new requirements. Those companies that have embraced a circular approach are likely to be more competitive.

A conference designed by lighting industry experts 

Recolight has worked with leading lighting industry experts to design an agenda covering all aspects of the Circular Economy for lighting. The conference will be introduced and chaired by Ray Molony, Independent Consultant to the Lighting Industry.

“I can't imagine any topic that's timelier and more urgent than this one,' said Ray Molony. 'Across the industry I'm seeing a real willingness to contribute to the wider decarbonisation of the economy. But our endeavours need to be joined up, and that's why this event is a really important start of the conversation. I'mdelighted to chair the conference and am really looking forward to the debate.”

The programme for the day

The programme starts by introducing the Circular Economy, learning about the opportunities and arecyclers perspective. Defra, LightingEurope and Recolight will cover legislation; what you need to do now and future legislation for the UK and the EU. John Bullock of The Light Review will challenge participants to be more sustainable. We have a panel discussion led by Ray Molony exploring the perspective of end users. How can they be incentivised to use lighting that minimises material use and is both recyclable and reusable?

The programme rounds off with presentations from lighting designers and lighting producers who have adopted  circular economy principles  into their projects and products.  

Book your conference place

Recolight are a not-for profit organisation, funded by Lighting Producer Members. The conference is also operated on a not-for-profit basis. The conference is free to Recolight Producer Members and £75 for all other attendees. It’s supported by the Lighting Industry Association.

Link to agenda and booking for Recolight Circular Economy Conference


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