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Airflow Developments has launched a major new rewards scheme for installers, electrical contractors and trade professionals who purchase a QuietAir fan in 2017. Inside every reward branded QuietAir box, participants can find a scratch card with a unique eight-digit code to register for points at www.airflow.com/promo. Points can be accrued and exchanged for e-gift vouchers for over 150 leading retailers. Also when participants redeem enough points during the year they will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a new Ford Transit Custom van worth over £18,000.

The QuietAir range of residential extractor fans are available in 3 different sizes and can be fitted into toilets, bathrooms or kitchens and operate at a practically silent 25dB(A). When QuietAir is installed in accordance to Building Regulations it is still able to operate almost silently at 5W whilst meeting the Installed Performance Requirements outlined in the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide and Approved Documents F and L of the Building Regulations on both speeds. Furthermore, QuietAir has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society due to its nearly silent operation and uncompromising performance.

Image removed.Participants taking part in the new QuietAir Rewards scheme will receive a point worth £2 for every QuietAir fan purchased. Once ten points have been accrued they are then eligible to redeem an e-gift voucher from a selection of over 150 retailers. In addition to this, when installers have earned 25 points – they are then entered into a free prize draw to win the grand prize of a new Ford Transit Custom van in 2018.

“We’re delighted to be able to repay our loyal customers with QuietAir Rewards whilst introducing new customers to the best performing axial fan on the market,” commented John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow. “We’re tremendously proud of the performance of the range and we hope customers will be reminded of the capability and quality of QuietAir – whilst reaping the rewards on offer and with one lucky customer enjoying the experience of starting 2018 with a brand new Ford Transit Custom van.”

To read the full terms and conditions, or to enter a code visit: www.airflow.com/promo. To view the range of QuietAir fans visit: www.airflow.com

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