Incredibly versatile, energy-efficient and discreet, Mirrorstone Infrared Heating Panels are just hitting the market and giving people a radically new way to heat their spaces.

They provide a modern and innovative solution to the age-old problems of too little space and sky high energy bills and users, whether from the domestic or commercial sphere, are being impressed by the sheer simplicity of their design.

Unlike traditional electric convection heaters, Mirrorstone Infrared Panel Heaters contain very few constituent parts and, most importantly, none that move. This makes them extremely reliable and perfectly capable of producing heat for around 30 years. It also means they’ll require no maintenance whatsoever during their lifetime, unless an occasional wipe down with a duster constitutes a service!

Measuring just 22mm in depth, an Infrared Heating Panel can be attached almost flush to a wall or a ceiling, where it will save a great deal of the room space that perhaps an ugly, old-fashioned electric convection heater once occupied.

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Indeed, in this era of smart storage solutions in homes, Infrared Heating Panels are literally the heating equivalent of a white knight coming to a damsel’s rescue for many householders!

They’re unbelievably simple to install as well - a job that can be achieved by one person in less than an hour, from opening the box to sitting back and enjoying their immediate warmth!

Like everything to do with Infrared Heating Panels, the heat they generate is a combination of good old fashioned common sense and state-of-the-art technology. It harnesses the power of EM radiant waves, similar to those emitted by the sun and the result is a 100% safe and completely natural form of heat that’s literally been around since the dawn of time!

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Whereas conventional electric heaters have to work very hard to heat the massive mass of air in a room, Infrared Panels produce radiant waves that heat the objects in a room, effectively ‘cutting out the middle man’. It’s a much more pragmatic and energy-efficient method and one that will save the user up to 60% on their heating bills.

Take a look at the Mirrorstone ‘How It Works’ page to see the many advantages and benefit of Infrared Heating for yourself!

Mirrorstone Heating has a huge and varied selection of different types of Infrared Panel on offer but, without any doubt, the most popular are the Image IR Panels.

People love being able to have an image of their choice printed directly onto their panel’s surface, thereby enabling them to cunningly disguise it as an attractive and eye-catching picture!

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Bespoke or ‘Custom’ Infrared Heating Panels take the idea a stage further, giving customers the opportunity to choose their very own image. So, whether it’s a cherished family snap from a photo album, a rock star or footballer from a magazine or a picture from the internet, it can be printed directly onto a panel and on their living room wall within just a week!

Of the other types of Infrared Panel Heater, demand is increasing rapidly for the Mirrored Panels which are perfect for the bathroom as they never steam up, minimalistic and stylish Glass IR Panels, and White IR Panels that can be easily concealed within a suspended ceiling to save maximum space.

Mirrorstone Heating is now offering retailers the chance to become resellers of its infrared heating products.

So if you’d like a unique opportunity to share in the success and be a part of the most exciting development in heating today, phone Mirrorstone Heating today on 0116 436 2250 and visit the website at to find out how it’s done!


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