UGR<19 linear luminaires that look great at a good price. Hoddesdon based commercial lighting specialist Synergy today launched, they claim the definitive standard of UGR<19 linear LED luminaires in response to high customer demand for UGR<19 Linear luminaires in the office fit out sector,particularly in London. Synergy have developed a linear LED luminaire that has all the aesthetic appeal of traditional LED linear lighting at a reasonable price.

“The rapid increase in customer demand for UGR<19 linear lead us to expand our research and development team to solve the problem of ugly, low output and expensive UGR<19 linear luminaires” explains Mike Stay, CEO of Synergy.

UGR stands for unified glare index. Glare in the office is a big issue as companies look to create healthy working environments. High glare LED lighting leads to the possibility of headaches, migraines and eye problems. As with most trends this is a hot topic in London right now in the office fit-out industry. However, awareness is spreading and the need to provide office lighting that meets the guideline for a UGR of less than 19 is becoming an increasingly important compliance issue nationwide.

While there have been many UGR19 square and round panels on the market for some time that meet the guideline, the biggest challenge for any interior designer, architect, engineer or contractor that wants to use UGR<19 linear lighting is finding something more aesthetically pleasing than the standard office light panel. LED has changed linear lighting allowing for continued strips of light to me made in almost any shape without the breaks that you used to get with fluorescent tubes.

Image removed.“It is a very big challenge to make a UGR<19 linear luminaire that fits with the modern office interior design aesthetic and currently no manufacturer has really cracked making a good-looking luminaire at a reasonable price” explained Tom Tuffin, Head of Product Development.

“Designing a UGR19 linear compliant fitting that meet the interior designer’s requirement for a uniform, bright continuous strip of light is the challenge set by Synergy’s customers and the team likes a challenge” said Tom. By approaching the problem from a different perspective and using some great new technology Synergy has succeeded in creating a UGR<19 linear LED luminaire that meets Synergy’s customers needs for compliance, looks and price. 

It was not easy and this has been a labour of love by the Synergy R&D team who have spent 9 months working to make our customers happy.

About Synergy

Synergy have been serving the electrical industry since 1985. Over the years, they have built up a wealth of resource in terms of knowledge, logistics, intelligence, technology and collateral. Synergy shares that resource with their clients to help them succeed.  Whether it’s their innovative LED product range or our insistence on reliable deliveries, Synergy are passionate about exceeding customer expectations every time.


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