With smart technology dominating the appliance market, it is clear that the market will only become more saturated with new products that offer the latest in smart technology. For us, our new BluPerformance models have been designed with interconnectivity in mind to fulfil the demand for smart appliances in the kitchen. 

The Premium BluPerformance models have an optional SmartDevice box which allows simple integration into smart homes via WLAN, facilitating convenient remote control of appliances from mobile devices, both in and outside the home. This means homeowners can now control their appliance even when they are away from their home, perfect if they have forgotten to change the function of their fridge-freezer whilst on holiday. 

Image removed.Using the SmartDevice box, it is possible to receive status and alarm notifications from the refrigerator and to make changes to appliance settings. This will ensure Liebherr and its customers can track the performance of its products, providing a better service for all.

Our smart-phones have set the standard for how appliances need to look and feel.  People expect touch screen controls with brilliant graphics and easy to navigate control panels. Our new Premium BluPerformance fridge-freezers have a stylish 7 inch, high-resolution touchscreen display integrated in the door featuring a wide range of pre-set programs. The easy to use programs provide access to information, energy saving tips and storage advice for all sorts of different foods.

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Written by Tim Hutchinson, Divisional Manager UK, Liebherr



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