Haverland introduces a new energy efficient and quick to install electric radiator with unique self-programming and learning capability.

Haverland, a leading manufacturer of electric radiators and heating solutions, has launched the world’s first smart, self-programmable electric radiator. The groundbreaking ULTRAD combines unique sensor technology with impressive energy efficiency to deliver maximum control and comfort for users with minimal hassle for installers.

Nick Cohen, National Sales Director of Haverland UK, explains how ULTRAD works: “Thanks to innovative, in-built sensor technology, ULTRAD can detect movement in a room. When someone is in the room, it automatically adjusts itself to a comfortable temperature. If the room is vacant for a period of time, it automatically decreases the temperature to an economy setting, reducing energy consumption. During its first week of operation, and then continuously during its lifetime, ULTRAD recognises any patterns in a room’s usage, stores this information and uses it to self-adjust its temperature accordingly. For users, this means that a room is always at a comfortable temperature when they arrive as ULTRAD keeps on learning and adjusting its behaviour.”

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This self-learning and programming capability removes the need for manual control and allows energy efficiency to be improved considerably – providing significant savings in running costs. The oil-filled ULTRAD has a built-in thermostat which is one of the most accurate on the market and holds the set temperature to within 0.2°C, which eliminates costly temperature fluctuation. 

ULTRAD offers a range of programming modes to provide complete flexibility to both the installer and end user. For convenience, the self-programming mode is set as standard and will start working as soon as the radiator is switched on, which eliminates the need for any configuration from the installer. When used in conjunction with Haverland’s Smart box system, ULTRAD can also be controlled remotely through a specially designed free app, which can be downloaded to any iOS or Android enabled smartphone, as well as PC and Mac via i2control.haverland.com. Uniquely, the app allows multiple ULTRAD radiators to be fully controlled and programmed individually or all together as required by the installer and/or the end user.

The wall mounted ULTRAD is normally hardwired to a fused spur and is one of the easiest to install electric radiators on the market. Haverland supplies a template to ensure the correct height and positioning of the radiator brackets, and installers then follow a simple process that ensures ULTRAD is safely fixed to the wall and is operating as required. Once installed, ULTRAD requires no portable appliance testing (PAT, maintenance or servicing.

ULTRAD features a slim, modern and aesthetically appealing design, making it suitable for use in almost any environment. It comes in white as standard and is available in a range of sizes to efficiently meet the heating requirements of a property regardless of room size.

“The market for electric radiators is growing at an incredible rate,” explains Nick Cohen. “This is because they are highly energy efficient and are ideal for a diverse range of buildings, both new and old. While programming and control has been confusing and sometimes frustrating in the past for all types of heating systems, this is no longer the case thanks to ULTRAD’s ultra smart technology.”

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