With the launch of the Gripple QT Trapeze Plus the company has provided the fastest and easiest method of installing suspended pipe and electrical services.

The QT Trapeze Plus enables quick twist attachment to a Gripple Universal Bracket.

The latest addition to the popular Gripple Trapeze Plus range also integrates an easy-to-use adjustment button to ensure perfect levelling and a locking screw whichprovides ultimate security. 

Furthermore, a fail-safe clip is also incorporated to secure the new Trapeze to the bracket and prevent unexpected movement. 

In common with other members of the Trapeze Plus family, the QT single install method also ensures consistent, accurate installation as well as peace of mind. 

The innovative QT Trapeze Plus is supplied in a ready-to-use kit with no cutting required on site. Brackets can be prefabricated prior to site installation and only astandard Image removed.size spanner, not a bespoke tool, is needed for installation.

A full range of end fixings is available to maximise versatility when installing into a number of different building substrates.

For more information visit gripple.com or call Catherine King on 0114 228 8617.


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