The construction products innovator, Gripple has developed in-house a complete solution for the installation, in all applications, of HVAC, mechanical and plumbing services, also delivering increased speed, higher load performance and easier adjustment.

Replacing the Gripple Trapeze and Trapeze Plus products, the UniGrip combines their functionality and best features and adds to them. With three models, UniGrip boasts an increased load rating performance up to 33%, each with a greater safe working load (SWL) of 5:1.

The new and patented UniGrip features an attachment to secure it to a substrate at the top and to the service at the bottom, making installation up to six times faster when compared to traditional methods such as threaded rod and channel. This saves contractors’ time and money on-site and reduces time working at height thereby safer for installers.

Versatility is added to the UniGrip with the offer of a range of ‘feet’ options which cater for many building services and installation methods. Also added features on the UniGrip are an ergonomically designed button, to ease release and adjustment during installation and a locking indicator, which ensures security afterwards.

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As with all Gripple wire suspension solutions, the UniGrip arrives on-site, in compact, cardboard boxes, as ready-to-use, pre-engineered kits which include the customer’s choice of ‘foot’, specified length of wire and chosen end fixing. This eliminates cutting and filing rod to size on-site - also an important health and safety issue - and requires fewer vehicle movements, meaning less CO² consumption.

Glenn Bills, Gripple product manager, said: “Gripple continues its tradition of continuous innovation with the launch of UniGrip which represents the next step forward for the business. 

“By taking two extremely successful product ranges and rationalising their key benefits, UniGrip is the most comprehensive, value-added, versatile suspension solution Gripple has offered to-date. We are excited because we believe that UniGrip is the best alternative to threaded rod on the market today.”

For more information on UniGrip, and any Gripple product, please contact Glenn Bills on 0114 2288 713, by email at or by visiting


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