Ford’s ongoing Transit sales success, combined with the launch of the technologically advanced all-new Fiesta, and planned introduction of new electric and hybrid powertrains is stimulating a surge in demand for technicians.

Independent Ford dealers across the UK are recruiting 1,000 trained technicians with cutting-edge software, electronic and electrical skills to reflect the rapid evolution of Ford’s product range. Responsible for complex diagnostics and repairs, master technicians, the highest ranking of technicians, can earn up to £45,000 a year.
The new positions are available nationwide for existing trained technicians, technically competent mechanics, trained Armed Forces technicians, and apprentices. In addition to working at Ford dealerships and workshops, technicians can also join Ford’s new Mobile Service Programme, providing maintenance work on-site for fleet customers.
Andy Barratt, Chairman and MD of FoB, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to join the UK’s biggest network, representing the country’s favourite car and van brand.  Ford’s product range is growing almost as fast as its technology, and although we value traditional technical skills, we’re looking for ambitious and flexible technicians who can join us on our journey to hybrids, battery electric vehicles, autonomous technology – and beyond.”
UK’s automotive trade body, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, recorded 2016 as the busiest year on record for automotive workshops and garages in the UK. Alongside the increase in customer demand, an Auto Retail Network report highlighted European-wide shortages for specialised technicians.
Comprehensive training, up to master technician level, will be provided free of charge to the new technicians at the state-of-the-art Henry Ford Academy in Daventry, which is partnered with The Motor Ombudsman, the organisation responsible for raising industry standards and improving best practice in aftermarket servicing across the industry.
Ford invests over £500m annually on research and development in the UK and more than £1 billion UK-built engines are exported annually. Ford has been the UK market leader for commercial vehicles since 1965, with over 30 per cent of market share, and has topped UK car sales since 1976.
With 14,000 employees, Ford is the second largest employer in the UK auto industry, exceeding Nissan, Honda and Toyota combined – and indirectly supports more the 90,000 jobs throughout the UK.
Potential technician candidates should contact Ford at to be put in touch with their local dealer, whilst those interested in apprenticeships at Ford dealers can find out more at


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