In an office environment it doesn’t take long for the work space to become cluttered, files stack up, boxes get put in piles and electrical cables suddenly resemble an uncontrollable spaghetti junction. The problem with clutter is you don’t usually notice it accumulating, it is only when you are surrounded by mess that you realise that something needs to be done. 

Independent research shows that messy cabling is the worst culprit for creating a bad first impression to potential new employees and clients. Thankfully, there are lots of simple yet effective cable management solutions available, here are the top five:

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1.Cable Baskets

Keep cables tidily tucked away in specially designed baskets that attach to the underside of the desk, no one will ever know they are there


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2.Underfloor Power

Instead of trailing cables along from the wall sockets, why not consider installing an under floor power distribution system? This will allow power to be accessed exactly where it is required via floor boxes and grommets, with minimal visible cabling


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3.In/On Desk Power

A great way of minimalising trailing cables is to have power modules actually built into the desk. For day to day use, sockets that sit on top of the desk (sometimes integrating USB or media sockets) can be really handy, not to mention tidy. Some modules have a closable lid, meaning that when they aren’t in use they are hidden from view, making them an ideal choice for boardroom tables.


Image removed.4.Wireless Chargers

Mobile phones are another contributing factor to the number of wires required for day to day office life, especially with different brands of phone often needing specific chargers. Wireless charging hubs are the perfect solution, eradicating the need for any wires. Some models allow multiple phones to be charged simultaneously, ideal for communal areas.

5.Cable Spines

As a minimum, on any one desk there is likely to be a PC, monitor and phone, all of which will require a cable and plug socket.  Gathering them all together within a cable spine will keep them all neatly together, and more importantly, out of view.


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