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Electricity kills people every year and severely injures even more, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to property from the resulting fires and explosions, warns Develop Training Limited (DTL), the UK’s leading accredited provider of compliance, technical and safety training.

In order to recognise and prevent risk, any equipment must be properly designed, installed and regularly maintained so that any threats of fire, shocks or burns are managed effectively.

Depending on the industry, there are specific requirements that will ensure that all dangers are controlled. Any manager or supervisor in the electrical field must ensure a safe system of rules and procedures is set out whenever work is to be carried out. These should be written down clearly and anyone involved in the work needs to be made aware of them, as they form the basis of a task-specific risk assessment.

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Some equipment may operate at a voltage so low that shocks may not be an issue; however, burns can still result from overheated components and arcing. This can include self-contained sources of energy like batteries and smaller systems that may be deceivingly dangerous.

Chris Wall, Sales & Marketing Director of DTL, said: “You should always carry out a suitable risk assessment, taking into consideration the type of equipment to be used, the way it will be used and the environment it will be used in. It’s vital that all electrical equipment is suitable for its intended use and the environment where it is to be operated within. You must also ensure that all electrical equipment and installations are maintained to a level where danger can be prevented.”

“In order to avoid unnecessary risks, workers must be aware of their own limitations and be comfortable asking for help, should they need it. Unauthorised, unqualified or untrained people should not be allowed to work on any type of electrical system at any point,” added Wall.

DTL offers electrical courses for people of all skill-sets. Visit the website to see the full range of courses. Alternatively, call the DTL team on 0800 876 6708.

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