Since releasing the Electrical Installation Safety Record Summary (EISRS) earlier this year, NAPIT members across the country have been enjoying its benefits. The one-page document is designed to accompany the completion of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) by providing electrical inspectors and their customers with an easy to understand cover sheet which clearly summarizes the outcome of an EICR. 

At present, the findings of EICRs are often confusing for customers and it can sometimes be difficult for them to know how to address an unsatisfactory EICR outcome. To solve this, the EISRS acts as a simple solution which provides clear information on the outcome of an EICR and advises on what further actions may need to be taken. In addition to this, customers can use the EISRS to demonstrate that they have carried out any rectification works highlighted by an EICR on their property when coupled with the necessary electrical certificates to show compliance with regulations.

The EISRS itself is split into two distinct parts. The first part is always completed by the electrical inspector who undertook the initial EICR and contains a tick-box section where Image removed.they can confirm whether an EICR has been satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The second part only needs to be completed if the initial EICR was unsatisfactory and when the rectification work has been carried out, alongside the relevant electrical certification being issued. This part is to be completed by the registered electrical competent person who carried out the required rectification work, so it is possible that two different people could complete the two parts of the summary record.  


Given these benefits, members have been expressing their support for the EISRS by getting in touch with NAPIT. One member, Don Foster from DLF Consulting and Services, said “Follow-up after EICRs is often patchy and I’ve seen installations where items in an inspection schedule have not been addressed by remedial work some time after the inspection. There has been no reliable way to document completed remedial work. The EICRS is an excellent way to provide landlords, homeowners and commercial premises managers with a proper record of the operational safety of their installations”. “


Commenting on the EISRS, NAPIT Trade Association Chairman, Frank Bertie, said ‘There is an expectation that the demand for EICRs will increase given the Government’s commitment to improving electrical safety in the Private Rented Sector. The Housing and Planning Act 2016 released last May introduced a clause which gives the Government powers to set requirements for electrical safety in the Private Rented Sector through secondary legislation. Since then, there has been evidence to show that progress has been made in regards to secondary legislation and there is a bill passing through the House of Lords which includes requirements for landlords.


On top of this, the upcoming General Election could have a major impact on the progress of these developments, so this is something that we at NAPIT will be keeping an eye on. With the EISRS, I’m confident that our members will continue to realize the benefits that it brings and prepare themselves for the future’.


NAPIT members who are part of the Electrical Inspector Scheme can either access the EISRS document through NAPIT Desktop* (, or can contact NAPIT Customer Services who will provide members with a fillable PDF on request. NAPIT are currently the only Competent Person Scheme Operator who offer the document.


If you have any questions about the EISRS please contact NAPIT on 0345 543 0330 or email


*NAPIT Desktop is an electrical certification/reporting software, a subscription is required to use the software


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