iMEV continuous mechanical extract

iMEV continuous mechanical extract ventilation systems from ventilation specialist Passivent offer a low energy, automated approach to optimising air quality and reducing the risk of harmful condensation and mould. Requiring minimal maintenance and no user intervention, they are suitable for single houses and apartments as well as student accommodation, care homes and hotels. 

The systems are ‘intelligent’ in that they automatically detect rises in humidity and respond accordingly. Extraction is only increased in areas where humidity has risen resulting in less energy usage as the central fan is not running at a higher speed unnecessarily. Heat loss is reduced as the systems rely on demand control, i.e. extraction when and where required. 

iMev plugTwo iMEV systems are available:  ‘Local’ which senses humidity change at the ceiling extract in a ‘wet’ room and allows a greater extraction rate, so providing local control; and ‘Total’ which senses humidity change again at the ceiling extract in a ‘wet’ room and also pressure differences in the system to allow greater extraction rates when needed by increasing the fan speed automatically, providing total control of the system. 

Passivent offers a range of fan sizes for the systems, the flexible, cost effective A151DC G mechanical extract fan being particularly suited to venting applications in smaller houses and apartments. Incorporating an energy efficient DC motor, the fan has a 275m3/hr @ 120Pa capacity. Rear facing blades improve acoustic performance and reduce air resistance. The fan has a flat pressure curve suitable for circular, semi rigid and flat channel ducting and spigots can be vertically or horizontally positioned for maximum flexibility. Its slim profile enables mounting in different profiles i.e. wall, floor or ceiling.

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