Modern air conditioning does much more than just allow you to control the temperature in your home and keep things cool. There are a whole host of advantages to having your own air conditioning system. Here are some of the benefits of modern air conditioning from the specialists at Comfy Kiwi Homes

1.     Choose a Comfortable Temperature

Of course, the main benefit to having air conditioning is being able to control the temperature. The modern air conditioning system gives you complete control of the temperature of the rooms in your house, perfect for those summer nights when you’re just too warm and sweaty to get to sleep. Some of them work just as well in the winter by allowing you to turn the temperature up and stay warm, keeping you comfortable all year long.

2.     Reduced Humidity

As well as allowing you to control the temperature in your home, the modern air conditioning system gives you control over humidity levels. When a home gets too humid it makes everything a little sticky. A humid home is not a happy home. Humidity can even damage the foundations of the home. That’s why some systems have dedicated dry modes that remove humidity without cooling the home too much. A great choice for those living in a damp area. If you can’t choose between air conditioning and a dehumidifier, why not choose both in one system?

3.     Improved Security

What’s the first thing you do when the home gets too hot? You open your windows and let the cool air blow in. It works great, but it leaves your home unsecured. Especially if you leave them open all night. If you sleep on the ground floor then you’re running a lot of risks by leaving your windows open. Air conditioning lets you close the windows and secure your home without melting because of the temperature.

4.     Improved Air Quality

The air conditioner of today is much more than just an air conditioner. It’s also a dehumidifier and an air purifier. If you suffer from allergies or live in an area with particularly bad air pollution levels you’ll get a lot of benefits from air conditioning. The modern systems have filters that allow them to remove bacteria, dust, pet dander, house mites, and pollen. You’ll have a much better quality of life without these allergens around.

5.     Reduced Energy Bills

One of the reasons people aren’t embracing air conditioning is that they are worried about the costs. After all, it must cost a lot of money to run something as expansive as an air conditioning system. So they buy smaller radiant panels and convection heaters. The fact of the matter is that modern air conditioning systems are so powerful because they use highly efficient heat-pump technology that consumes up to 80% less energy than these other forms of heating and cooling. Upgrading to air conditioning actually saves you money!

The modern air conditioning unit gives you complete control of the temperature in your home, reduces humidity, improves security, improves the quality of air in your home, and costs much less than you think. 

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