Distribution centres and logistic hubs are the backbone of any business that handles stock. Ultimately these modern warehouses make the supply chain more efficient and effective and they are closely monitored in terms of their own productivity. Under this level of cost scrutiny, it is no surprise that warehouse managers are turning to LED lighting. However, as modern warehouse practices become more complex and performance is measured by handling productivity, space utilisation and inventory tracking – accuracy and safety are also becoming vital factors behind a recent drive for better warehouse lighting.

  1. Cost Saving

Switching from existing metal halide lights to LED immediately delivers efficiencies from the moment they are installed. A typical high powered 400W HID unit replaced with a 240W LED unit, provides the same illumination at nearly half the power. A warehouse converting 50 existing HIDs to LED can generate savings of circa £5,000 per annum, effectively a 40% cut to lighting overheads. A considerable cost reduction for business units that operate around the clock.

  1. Maintenance

High ceilings contribute to a very real cost of maintenance especially in areas where elevated access is required. Comparing HID and LED lifecycles provides a good indication of the reduction in maintenance costs when conventional lighting systems are replaced.  Metal halide HID lamps have an average life of 10,000 hours; whilst the Integral LED “4Kg” has a 50,000-hour longevity. A regime of continual lamp replacement that is necessary with HiD, is effectively eliminated following a LED refit. The saving in man hours and specialist plant equipment has a significant impact on the bottom line.

  1. Safety

Health and Safety inspectors are vigilant on the amount of ‘lux’ that a warehouse operates under and there are useful SLL CIBSE and European lighting guidelines that specify the minimum maintained illuminance required within a distribution centre. LED luminaires produce a highly effective light that provides a safe level of illumination with a high degree of precision. This is especially important in high workflow environments where high-level racking and forklifts are deployed.

  1. Accuracy

In a modern warehouse, a lost pallet is a major concern. As time is paramount, knowing where every item of stock is situated is vital, especially when the complexity of quality checks and extra value services are added to the mix. Ultimately, LED offers a better quality of light that can be focussed onto the face of the racking system to enhance label identification.

  1. Control

Lighting control systems using legacy lighting are hampered with prolonged warm-up times. As a solid state technology, LED lighting is highly controllable and is an easy fit with daylight harvesting, occupancy, and phasing to make a lighting scheme even more efficient. A typical LED lighting scheme can easily connect with a monitoring system, allowing users to access performance reports through mobile devices, in order to fine tune savings and efficiency.  

Re-fit a Warehouse with Integral LED

Circular High-Bay: General warehouse lighting

Image removed.A true breakthrough luminaire that uses computer cooling technology to deliver a lightweight unit which is ideal for general light applications. The circular high-bay fixture weighs less than its competition at a mere 4KG. The key feature is the patented design heatsink made entirely from wafer aluminium, rather than the usual cast metal component. The unit dissipates heat using a ‘3D’ circulation between the fins and maintains a low operating temperature whilst maximising the light output. The “4Kg” family of suspended circular High Bay luminaires includes a range of outputs from 12000, 18000 and 26200 lumens at a light efficacy of up to 120 lm/W and choice of 50° and 110° beam angles.

Linear Low Bay: aisle ways and walkwaysImage removed.

The sleek lines of the Linear Low Bay luminaire range crosses the style line between industrial and retail. The slim profile light units are designed with aisle ways in mind and deliver a balanced even light without hotspots, along walkways and across the face of racking bays. A wide 110-degree beam angle is also an aid for accurate label recognition. As glare can be a factor, the Integral linear luminaires provide a highly diffused light that is easy on the eye, especially when checking higher bays from ground level. Each unit delivers 9100lm powered by just 70W at a 5000K colour temperature. The aluminium case is sealed, easy to clean and has an IP54 rating which suitable for most industrial environments.

The LED Linkable Batten: shelving, workspace and carparks

Image removed.The Integral Batten is a ready replacement for T5 fluorescent lighting units that have a wide range of applications including lighting within a racking bay. The Battens feature a gland system which makes the units easy to link, either in parallel or in serial sequences and can be easily connected to existing cabling. These units are designed for demanding environments and may be used for both internal and external applications, with an IP65 rated casing and connectors. Available in four sizes from 2ft to 6ft lengths, these durable lights produce a cool white 2130lm at a highly efficient 115lm/W and are a cost effective replacement in terms of maintenance with a lifetime 25,000 hours.


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