ECS Labourer Card Requirements are Changing

The application criteria for the ECS Labourer Card are being amended, to reinforce the fact that only those working in the electrotechnical industry are eligible for a card.

Changes implemented by CSCS mean that labourers within the construction industry are required to take a health and safety qualification. This has led to a number of individuals outside of the electrical industry applying for an ECS Labourer card to bypass the new measures that have been introduced.


From 01 October 2017, applicants will need to prove as part of their application that they are employed by an electrical contractor, or other electrotechnical employer.

Launching An All New Range of Waterproof Fixtures At Unbeatable Prices!

Launching An All New Range of Waterproof Fixtures At Unbeatable Prices!

In order to survive conditions of dust and moisture, fittings in many industrial establishments and workshops must fulfill high requirements. These tough fixtures must be of significant quality and must have the capability to survive industrial conditions. These waterproof fittings use LED Tube lights and are increasingly replacing the traditional T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures.


Here are some advantages of Waterproof LED Fittings...

Gira exhibit at ELEX, 2017 / 2018

Gira exhibit at ELEX, 2017 / 2018

Gira, one of the worlds leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming UK tour of ‘The Electricians Exhibition’, ELEX.
The UK’s dedicated trade show for electrical contractors, ELEX pays tribute to the latest products, innovative technologies and brands that serve the electrical contract sectors.
Gira is set to attend all ELEX Shows throughout the 2017/2018 series, and it will display an array of new and existing intelligent building solutions and technology.

The Evolution of PPE Clothing

protective clothing 1

For workers who spend most of their time out in hazardous situations, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing is an absolute necessity to keep them safe on site.  

When you first think of Personal Protective Equipment, your first thoughts might be safety goggles, protective boots, and construction hats. But before PPE clothing became a mandatory staple for tradesmen, its origins date further back than you might realise.

Scruffs, the UK’s leading experts in innovative safety wear, has taken a look at the history behind some of the most common PPE equipment and its evolution over the years.

In the beginning…

Everything you need to know about maintaining and cleaning your stainless steel equipment


In this post, Cleveland Containers, offer some top tips and advice on cleaning stainless steel equipment in the electrical sector.

We work with steel on a daily basis, as we clean and reuse old steel shipping containers into many different weird and wonderful creations, from pop-up shops to garden sheds and everything in between. Essentially, we know a thing or two about keeping it looking its best. Hailed as the saviour of all materials, it’s highly regarded due to its resistance to corrosion, staining and reaction – something which sets this alloy apart from its counterparts.

Tusker Rolls Out Rolec’s EV Charge Online Network

Tusker Rolls Out Rolec’s EV Charge Online Network

Tusker, one of the UK’s leading car benefit companies, recently installed a substantial number of Rolec’s AutoCharge electric vehicle charging pedestals at its Watford HQ.


Each of the AutoCharge pedestals were equipped with Rolec’s EV Charge Online pay-to-charge system, allowing EV drivers to use their mobile phone to pay to charge using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.


These new charging points are the latest additions to Rolec’s UK-wide EV Charge Online network, and expand upon the hundreds of online charging points already operating on the network. 


SWA – Celebrates 30 Years!

SWA – Celebrates 30 Years!

The story of SWA is quite remarkable.


There were a couple of ways SWA could have celebrated reaching their 30th anniversary year. They could have produced a special brochure patting themselves on their collective backs while blowing their own trumpet (not easy to do). Or they could have printed a 300 page special issue brochure charting their history.


Instead, they’re focusing on the products and people who have shared this history with them, and without whom they’d have never made it to 3 years, let alone 30.


Security will be key for the new Smart Home revolution

  • Smart security systems will lead the Smart Home revolution – 37% of the population would buy one if money were no object

  • Smart TV’s, laptops and tablets are already being used to introduce smart technology in the home

  • AO.com predict Smart Home technology will spread out of the living room via home security and heating, to embrace many areas of the home

Home security is a top priority for homeowners investing in Smart Home technology, a new census reveals.

Apprentice hunt for Britain's best - conducted by Berkeley Group


The search is on for the top apprentices working in construction. The Berkeley Group has launched a call for entries at the start of its second annual Apprentice Awards campaign. With housebuilders needing tens of thousands of new recruits over the next decade, Berkeley is calling on schools and FE colleges to help champion careers in construction.

  • Right now, 98% of young people believe that more can be done in school and colleges to help students become an apprentice
  • The Berkeley Group is committed to having at least 1,500 people in apprenticeships or training by April 2018

EV GridSMART Online – Rolec’s Answer To Keeping The Lights On

EV GridSMART Online – Rolec’s Answer To Keeping The Lights On

EV charge point manufacturer Rolec EV has launched a new innovative electricity management solution, ‘EV GridSMART Online’, designed to monitor and manage power demands placed on the grid by Electric Vehicles (EVs).

EV GridSMART Online enables the current electrical infrastructure to be used as efficiently as possible on a domestic, local, regional and national level by supporting the balancing of traditional electrical loads with the new demands being placed on the grid by EVs.

Rolec’s Managing Director Kieron Alsop commented: “With record EV sales throughout the UK, as well as legislative changes to encourage EV uptake, the need to support the country’s electrical infrastructure has taken on a new urgency.

Volvo Install 50 Rolec WallPod EV Charging Units

Volvo Install 50 Rolec WallPod EV Charging Units

Following Volvo’s recent announcement that all of its new cars, launched from 2019 onwards, will be partial (PHEV) or full electric vehicles (EVs) the company has installed 50 Rolec WallPod EV charging points at its showrooms.


These bespoke blue and cream WallPod Mode 3 fast charging units have been installed in the showrooms to promote safe and reliable home charging solutions to Volvo customers.


WallPod was chosen by Volvo due to its adaptability, reliability and the fact that it is one of the very few charging units in the world that has been certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) as compliant and safe to use in and around the home.

Battersea Project Rolls Out 100 New Rolec Smart Charging Points

Battersea Project Rolls Out 100 New Rolec Smart Charging Points

The £9billion Battersea Power Station project in central London has recently taken delivery of 100x Rolec Smart EV charge points.


These charging points will provide electric vehicle charging facilities for residents, as well as the thousands of visitors and business users of this new iconic development. 


Kieron Alsop, Rolec’s Managing Director, commented: “We were delighted to have been chosen to design and provide the EV charging infrastructure for this prestigious project.  

Battersea Project Rolls Out 100 New Rolec Smart Charging Points

The role of women in engineering

The role of women in engineering

According to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), less than ten per cent of engineering professionals in the United Kingdom are women, the lowest figure in Europe. Latvia, Bulgaria and Cyprus are leading the way, with female engineers making up almost 30 per cent. Here, Helen Marston, engineer at specialist resistor manufacturer, Cressall, discusses the role of women in engineering throughout history.
In 1914, the National Council of Women was created, with the aim of getting women into work as men joined the armed forces to aid in the war effort. These women changed the face of engineering forever, being highly praised for their skills and expertise.