The Electrical Industries Charity takes on the Arctic Adventure

The Electrical Industries Charity takes on the Arctic Adventure

The Electrical Industries Charity together with Power Players 2017 winners Joseph Wu of T Clarke and Charlie Harwood of CEF are set to take on the Arctic Adventure to raise vital funds for the Dickinson family.


The Arctic Adventure is part of the Electrical Industries Charity’s second Challenge for a Cause campaign which aims to raise £250,000 to purchase a house and work with industry partners to carry any renovation work which is required to safeguard the future of Caz Dickinson and her family.


Recent Power Players winners won an opportunity to be part of the Charity’s Arctic Adventure and will embark on this unforgettable journey together with the Charity’s Managing Director Tessa Ogle to Finland in 2018.

ECS Labourer Card Requirements are Changing

The application criteria for the ECS Labourer Card are being amended, to reinforce the fact that only those working in the electrotechnical industry are eligible for a card.

Changes implemented by CSCS mean that labourers within the construction industry are required to take a health and safety qualification. This has led to a number of individuals outside of the electrical industry applying for an ECS Labourer card to bypass the new measures that have been introduced.


From 01 October 2017, applicants will need to prove as part of their application that they are employed by an electrical contractor, or other electrotechnical employer.

5 simple tips to make your office safer

make your office safer

How safe your building is, is paramount for all businesses. From large corporations to small family businesses, there is much to consider when deciding what equipment and measures are required for the safety of the office. 


Whether it is regularly testing office equipment to ensure they are in a safe and useable condition or establishing company security processes for personnel in the workplace, having too many measures would be better than not having enough. But this comes with the risk of not allowing staff to move freely in the office and be comfortable and it can be expensive to maintain. 


Towards a Smarter Future

Chairman of the NAPIT Trade Association, Frank Bertie, discusses the ongoing smart meter rollout and the impact it will have on households, businesses and tradespeople across the UK.


The smart revolution is well and truly underway, with smart meters at the core of the transition to smart homes and businesses. Based on recent statistics, the Government’s 2011 target to install around 53 million smart meters in homes and businesses across Great Britain by 2020 is on track to be accomplished. The transition to smart meters will benefit the UK in a multitude of ways, which is why NAPIT are supported of the rollout and are exploring ways to support it. In this blog post, I will discuss smart meters in greater detail and explore their impact. 


Industry Recognition for New Estimating Book

Estimating Book

The ‘Electrical Industry Awards 2017’ have recently announced the finalists of this year’s competition, and there is a surprising contender which has appeared on the list – a book. “Electrical Contracting Tendering & Estimating: An Introductory Short Guide” is a new publication which was launched earlier this year and joins a selection of industry leading manufacturers and products who are finalists in the ‘Commercial Product of the Year’ category. 


Launching An All New Range of Waterproof Fixtures At Unbeatable Prices!

Launching An All New Range of Waterproof Fixtures At Unbeatable Prices!

In order to survive conditions of dust and moisture, fittings in many industrial establishments and workshops must fulfill high requirements. These tough fixtures must be of significant quality and must have the capability to survive industrial conditions. These waterproof fittings use LED Tube lights and are increasingly replacing the traditional T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures.


Here are some advantages of Waterproof LED Fittings...

Engel's 'Galaxy' Workwear Has Universal Appeal

Engel's 'Galaxy' Workwear Has Universal Appeal

FE Engel, the Danish company which is recognised as one of the World’s leading manufacturers of comfortable and practical workwear includes the ‘Galaxy’ range amongst its collection.

One of the company’s best-selling brands, ‘Galaxy’ offers a comprehensive selection of smart and functional clothing with the emphasis as much on style and fit as on being protective and hardwearing; the trousers are narrower than normal, the jackets slim-cut and all garments are available in a choice of three colour combinations giving wearers a pride in their appearance and a professional image.

Engel's 'Galaxy' Workwear Has Universal Appeal

Up to 2,000 unqualified electricians are endangering the Scottish public, SELECT tells Ministers

Up to 2,000 unqualified electricians are endangering the Scottish public, SELECT tells Ministers

Up to 2,000 unqualified electrical businesses are potentially putting the safety of the Scottish public at risk according to SELECT the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Scotland whose 1250 members carry out more than £1 billion’s worth, of the country’s electrical work.
As part of its campaign to regulate the profession of electrician, SELECT undertook an in-depth research exercise to establish that a total of 103 electricians were trading in the representative local authority area of East Lothian.

Gira exhibit at ELEX, 2017 / 2018

Gira exhibit at ELEX, 2017 / 2018

Gira, one of the worlds leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming UK tour of ‘The Electricians Exhibition’, ELEX.
The UK’s dedicated trade show for electrical contractors, ELEX pays tribute to the latest products, innovative technologies and brands that serve the electrical contract sectors.
Gira is set to attend all ELEX Shows throughout the 2017/2018 series, and it will display an array of new and existing intelligent building solutions and technology.

Rolec Launch New Quantum EV Charging Pedestal

Rolec Launch New Quantum EV Charging Pedestal

Charge point specialist Rolec EV has announced the release of its new Quantum EV charging pedestal range.

This new Quantum range further enhances Rolec’s reputation as a major pioneer in the EV charging world, and brings something new and dynamic to the industry.

Rolec’s MD Kieron Alsop commented: "We believe the new Quantum range offers a blend of flair, quality and value not yet seen in the industry.

“Quantum has been specifically designed to offer a range of versatile charging solutions for the workplace, commercial and public locations.

Connected Cars and Keyless Entry: The Security Risks

connected cars 1

In this post, leading automotive locksmiths CAT Autokeys, discuss connected cars and ask what is keyless entry theft, how does it work, and is it worth worrying about?

Connected cars are undoubtedly one of the hot topics in the automotive industry at the moment. Essentially, all this means is a car that’s connected to the internet, and tends to be full of interesting technology. More and more, car companies are working with technology companies – for example, Microsoft continues to work with car companies to work towards connected cars.

Growth of 24% in the UK mechanical and electrical contracting sector since 2012

The UK market for mechanical and electrical (M&E) contracting has increased by almost 25% since 2012, following a period of sustained growth from 2013 onwards, driven by a buoyant new build market, with rising output in the office and infrastructure sectors in particular. This growth continued in 2016, when the market saw a growth of 4%, despite continued constrained public sector capital spending. In 2017, growth is forecast to stagnate, as construction output becomes more subdued.

Dickies workwear brings flexibility to the fore with new footwear launches

Dickies workwear

Global workwear brand Dickies is launching two new footwear lines offering greater flexibility than ever before, using its latest innovative outsole designs.

The newest additions to the company’s extensive footwear range, the Phoenix and Liberty styles are both available as a trainer or boot and feature Dickies brand-new DTc outsole. Designed by our footwear experts to achieve the highest grip performance on smoother surfaces, the DTc sole has ergonomic flex lines and geometric tread patterns for maximum ground contact – even in wet conditions.

Ideal for tradesmen working in an indoor environment, these styles are particularly suitable for anyone who is often required to kneel or bend, while offering a high level of comfort for those who are on their feet all day. 

RDM lends a hand to DIY SOS as the show heads to Swansea

RDM Swansea

Swansea-based RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services has offered its support to the BBC One series DIY SOS as the show takes place in Swansea for its Children in Need build.

The firm will be providing free labour and materials to the DIY SOS team to assist them in completing their immense task on one of their biggest projects to date for a local charity. The project, which will run from 6-17 September, is focused on supporting The Roots Foundation Wales - a Swansea based charity that provides crucial help and support for young people leaving the care system, and embarking on their own lives.