CEF, the UK’s leading electrical wholesaler, has launched a new, priced trade catalogue and improved website to provide customers with a more transparent, consistent and convenient shopping experience.

Addressing the need for a compact, competitively priced, low profile LED beacon, Switchtec has developed from the “Ground Up” the STXLED beacons to meet the demands of control panel manufacturers and those in the field of factory automation.

As an electrician, when asked to quote for a specific job, you may simply provide a quote and then carry out the job specified if the quote is satisfactory to the customer, however, by following this process, you are potentially missing out on the opportunity to maximise profits through up-sellin

High on the agenda for the EucoLight annual conference this month were non-compliance of product sold through online marketplaces, impact of open scope and eco-modulation of WEEE fees.

New research from reichelt, one of Europe’s biggest electronic distributors, reveals 52% of electronics project managers face challenges sourcing products, and that this has led to projects being cancelled.

Solar power is currently installed in 850,000 homes in the UK, and interest is growing as consumers look for ways to alleviate the ever growing pressure on their wallets, and the Government strives to meet challenging emissions targets.

Buying a Work van is a big investment, so it makes sense to look after it. Mark Barclay from GSF Car Parts shares his advice for electricians who want to keep their vehicle in good shape and make the money that they've spent on it go furt

The 21stcentury has already welcomed a wealth of innovation; from smart phones, smart technology, to artificial intelligence, 3D printing and beyond. It is no surprise then, that the electrical industry has also experienced significant transformation during this time.

Hudson contract monthly pay data reveals earnings bounce back to average of â£1,124 a week during February.

It was business as usual for self-employed electricians during February, with earnings up £108 per week compared to January, says Hudson Contract.

As tempting as it may be to down tools and leave site quickly after a busy day, it’s important not to let this temptation get the better of you.

An independent study, done by the iNNiTi, to enhance the evidence base for hydrogen technology has paved the way for its feasibility as a future clean energy source in the Humber region.

GDPR and Brexit both seem to be all anyone has talked about over the past few years. Yet no one seems to be any clearer on these topics.

With domestic burglary on the rise by more than 30%, a basic security routine needs to be introduced says the GBC Group.