The 21stcentury has already welcomed a wealth of innovation; from smart phones, smart technology, to artificial intelligence, 3D printing and beyond. It is no surprise then, that the electrical industry has also experienced significant transformation during this time.

Hudson contract monthly pay data reveals earnings bounce back to average of â£1,124 a week during February.

It was business as usual for self-employed electricians during February, with earnings up £108 per week compared to January, says Hudson Contract.

As tempting as it may be to down tools and leave site quickly after a busy day, it’s important not to let this temptation get the better of you.

An independent study, done by the iNNiTi, to enhance the evidence base for hydrogen technology has paved the way for its feasibility as a future clean energy source in the Humber region.

GDPR and Brexit both seem to be all anyone has talked about over the past few years. Yet no one seems to be any clearer on these topics.

With domestic burglary on the rise by more than 30%, a basic security routine needs to be introduced says the GBC Group.

Van leasing specialists LeaseVan have urged UK drivers to steer clear of danger when stopping to top up their vehicles.

They have been told that mobile phone use is prohibited near fuel pumps because there is a small risk of sparking.

With the number of potholes set to rise over the next three months experts from van leasing giant Leasevan have revealed the shock costs British van drivers could face. 

The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) is encouraging the wider industry to consider the importance of implementing effective building controls from the outset of building projects in order to meet current legislation.

As we enter the era of Industry 4.0, Nigel Smith, managing director of industrial robot specialist, TM Robotics, dispels some common misconceptions about implementing smart manufacturing.  


Myth 1: Automation will replace humans

Britain’s four million van drivers have been warned of the serious health risks they face from sitting behind the wheel every day.

For product development to be successful and efficient, strategic outsourcing is often needed to reduce lead times, cut production costs and ensure improved product quality. This means selecting the right contract manufacturing partnership.

A major consideration when renovating or starting a bathroom from scratch is underfloor heating. Whilst there is an ever-increasing range of designer bathroom heating to choose from, many homeowners are now turning to underfloor heating as an alternative. Here’s why.

Tool theft is on the increase, with more than 50% of builders in the UK having had their tools stolen, according to research held by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).The theft of the tools can completely destroy a business, whereby jobs cannot be started or finished as a result of incomple