A day in the life of tradespeople: Three handymen share some of their most memorable experiences on the job – from a cat running through gloss – to being greeted by a top model!

Whether it’s a quick paint job or weeks of building work, new research from community platform Airtasker has revealed the one thing that tradespeople really want when working in your home is just a hot drink - with 61% saying so.

Across the UK tradespeople are going thirsty, with a third of homeowners admitting to not offering them drinks in their own home. Amongst the worst culprits are women, with only 1 in 5 saying they offer a hot drink, or even access to their bathroom! However, out of those that do offer hot drinks; findings show that 35% of tradespeople find it irritating when they’re only offered tea, and denied the option of having a coffee.

The study of over a 1,000 tradespeople and those who have hired them*, also revealed biscuits are rarely given, with less than half of Brits (43%) saying they offer biscuits and snacks.

When asked about their biggest annoyances, the top gripes for tradespeople were:

  • Receiving late payment (84%)
  • Unrealistic cost expectations from homeowners when requesting a quote for their project (76%)
  • Clients booking them in for a job that’s not ready to work on yet (77%)

Other gripes include a messy workspace, not being offered a hot drink, not being allowed to listen to music or the radio, and even being denied access to use the bathroom.

However, it seems clients have different issues when it comes to hiring tradespeople in their homes, with their top annoyances being:

  • Being overcharged for a project (96%)
  • Receiving a bill that’s higher than the original quote (96%)
  • Realising a worker hasn’t been honest about mistakes they have made (95%)

Taskers from Airtasker reveal the memorable experiences they’ve had when attending a job:

Chris from Dalston, shared two of his most unforgettable experiences: “I went to a property in West London and a lady opened the door to me, I recognised her straight away as she was a very famous model. She was so nice and down to earth, she made me a cup of coffee and showed me around her house. The best thing to come out of the job was that her partner is a very well-known director who took my youngest son on a VIP day he was overseeing - so that was a good bonus! Another job I went to, the lady had paid someone else to complete the work but had some major problems, so when I sorted it out for her she gave me a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolate ‘Heroes’ - as she said I was her hero!”

When asked about memorable jobs, Fais said: “I have too many stories to tell from over the years; from a cat running in gloss paint and then running up a carpet leaving marks everywhere, to a client making me food and insisting I eat it, even though I did not like it! The worst was mistakenly calling someone's client her dad but being corrected and saying the man in question was in fact her husband (close to 40-year difference). I will never make assumptions again!”

Waz, a Handyman from East London said: “I welcome the client popping in and checking up on progress, with the occasional WOW! to keep me motivated. I like having a chat and getting to know them, just part of who I am. There’s always a technical question thrown in and I love to educate where I can. In an ideal world, I’d have driveway parking, a drink on entry, furniture in the room, out of the packaging and plenty of space and ample ventilation. I’d like a plan of the internals too so I can build without getting up and asking! Sometimes I get none of this but I still get the job done, possibly with a frown as soon as the client turns around!”

Fais from London explains: “When going to a client's house. I appreciate being shown the job in full and being made aware of all the details about the job. A simple offer of a cup of tea is appreciated, but more importantly a tall glass of water does help during a long working day. If there are any bathroom facilities, having these pointed out at the beginning doesn't go amiss. “One thing I find annoying is when the room has not been prepped or even left clean. To simply vacuum the place really does help - as a clear environment to work in makes for a happier environment to complete the job in.”

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