Today, Reichelt Elektronik, one of Europe’s largest online electrical retailers, reveals that 34 per cent of UK drivers say using Dashcams makes road traffic safer, should we all get a True cam? 42 per cent of Dashcam users believe other drivers take more care on the road as a result too, according to the research conducted by OnePoll.

Additional security

Personal and vehicle security is also a prominent concern amongst Brits and is the main reason behind choosing to buy a Dashcam - 64 per cent say these in-car cameras provide additional security for themselves and their vehicle. With the first UK court case successfully using Dashcam footage in evidence in 2015, recorded videos can extremely useful in the case of road accidents.

Customers primarily look for well-functioning basic features in a Dashcam (71 per cent), followed by low pricing (42 per cent) and well-established brand names (39 per cent), showing that trust and brand equity is incredibly important in the purchase decision-making process. This latter finding is also reflected in the fact that Garmin is by far the most popular brand, with a quarter of users choosing this brand, followed by 6 per cent who use Kenwood and a further 6 per cent using Truecam.

Regional differences

Londoners have more Dashcams than anywhere else in the country (26 per cent) - an interesting finding given that the City of London was ranked the second safest area to drive. However, the probability of an accident occurring is the highest in the capital, with one in four drivers being involved in a collision (Witter Towbars, 2017).

Overall, 13 per cent of British car drivers intend to invest in a Dashcam in the next 12 months. The South West is expected to see the biggest rise in the number of Dashcams in use, with 20 per cent of drivers planning to purchase one.

The next step for Dashcams Truecam

Whilst this tech gadget isn’t widespread yet, there are a few key features that consumers would like to see in the next iterations to meet their needs. The top three features Brits want are:

  1. G-sensor as emergency function - 57%
  2. Motion sensor - 55%
  3. Loop function to allow automatic overwriting of video footage - 46%

Dashcams that can recognise licence plates in the fog and rain are a minimum feature quality required.

Sven Pannewitz, product manager at reichelt, says:

"The market potential for Dashcams is large and consumers are clear about what features they expect and what influences their purchasing decision; the ability to clearly read licence plates, affordable pricing and trustworthy brands. There is an opportunity for brands to stake a claim for the second market leader spot by delivering these consumer expectations and as more drivers want to improve safety on the roads for themselves and others."

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