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The 21stcentury has already welcomed a wealth of innovation; from smart phones, smart technology, to artificial intelligence, 3D printing and beyond. It is no surprise then, that the electrical industry has also experienced significant transformation during this time. With this showing no sign of slowing down, it is more important than ever to ask what this constant innovation means for the future of the electrical sector. 

Advances in electrics inspired by wider technological development are already widely visible throughout the industry. In the wake of the launch of smart home tech such as Amazon Alexa, Google Play and their pals, electronics manufacturers have been keen to create products compatible with these increasingly popular devices. And so, the smart bulb was born and with it, smart switches, light fixtures, sockets and more.

However, these new smart products are not only popular thanks to their compatibility with smart home assistants. Importantly, they tap into a number of key trends which are integral to the modern consumer. Crucially, smart electronics allow for increased user personalisation, something which customers have begun to expect more and more from their purchases.

The beauty of new electronics such as the smart bulb is that they immediatA man using Smart technologyely provide users with greater choice. Simply the on or off of a lightbulb is made a thing of the past as instead, consumers can use their smart bulb to curate the exact mood of a space.

Not only this, but smart electrics also allow consumers greater control as they can regulate their devices from anywhere in the world. As globalisation continues, it is more important than ever that people have the ability to access their home devices whilst abroad.

Another thing that most smart electronics have in common is the collective focus on reducing energy consumption. Increased consumer expectations coupled with growing awareness of environmental issues make this an important aim for any electronics brands.

Where smart technology will continue to take the electrical industry remains unknown, but one thing is for sure, the future for the electrical trade looks bright with technology on its side. 

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