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Hudson contract monthly pay data reveals earnings bounce back to average of â£1,124 a week during February.

It was business as usual for self-employed electricians during February, with earnings up £108 per week compared to January, says Hudson Contract.

“Demand for electrical sub-contractors has been strongest in the East of England and the West Midlands, with weekly earnings of £1,338 and £1,207 respectively,” says Hudson Contract Managing Director Ian Anfield.

“Overall, rates are up 10.6% compared to January, which is indicative of the construction industry powering up again after an extended Christmas break.”

The only exception is in the South-West, where earnings slumped again, from £761 in January to £644 in February. Hudson Contract graphs

“It’s definitely a tough time for electricians in this part of the country. In fact, earnings here are at their lowest since January 2017. Being self-employed, earnings are all about supply and demand, so it seems that, a number of projects in the region have come to an end, without any replacement work waiting to take up the slack.” 

Hudson Contract, founded in 1996, is the UK’s largest Construction Industry Scheme payroll provider, delivering the most accurate indication of sub-contractor pay trends across the construction industry, using payroll data for more than 2,200 UK construction companies.

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