Olympia Tools has launched a new tool, Roughneck Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM, which it believes will deliver a true step change in how people cut blocks and bricks as well as how they chase out channels for services and remove exterior render and floor and wall tiles.

Known as the Roughneck Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM, the latest addition to the company’s range - which recently won the coveted ‘Hand Tool and Accessory of the Year’ category at the 2018 DIY Week Awards - is a bolster unlike any seen on the market before.

It has been developed with the help of bricklayer turned inventor, Kevin O’Brien and will be available exclusively across the world from Olympia Tools.

Vahe Der Kureghian, purchasing and marketing director at Olympia Tools, explains:

“Olympia Tools is committed to being a true pioneer when it comes to hand tool development. Reflecting this, we continue to introduce products which employ intelligent design and the latest advances in material science in order to push the boundaries of performance and to transform how people tackle common tasks. The introduction of our new Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM adds to that track record – and does so in spectacular style.”

Compared to existing, conventional bolsters, the Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM offers massive gains in terms of speed and efficiency, enabling users to cut blocks and bricks with a single strike. It also offers major improvements in safety and accuracy.

Like all the products positioned under the Roughneck Gorilla brand, the Roughneck Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM  Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTMowes its exceptional performance to a design where ‘the shape makes the difference’.

Specifically, the new tool has a longer than usual blade which measures 230mm / 9 inches - the same width as a building block.

It’s this greater length, combined with the blade’s construction from hardened and tempered steel and the fact that the blade can be regularly sharpened, which help the Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM to cut though blocks and bricks with a single strike.

In addition, the tool’s ‘one strike, straight through’ capability is further enhanced by the positioning of the tool’s handle.

This handle, which features a soft, treble injected, ergonomic grip for comfortable use, is offset, away from the striking face. This enables a large striking anvil to be placed on the top of the blade and allows users to hit the tool with as much force as possible with their hand positioned safely out of the way, clear of any potential mis-strikes.

The Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM also helps to simplify the task of cutting angled block or brick faces for gables and corners. It has lines marked at 100mm from the blade’s edges, facilitating accurate tool positioning and alignment without the need for a tape measure.

Concluding, Vahe adds:

“Everyone at Olympia Tools is genuinely excited about the launch of the new Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM. It represents a true world first. No other bolster on the market looks like it - or is able to perform like it.”

To see the Roughneck Gorilla Block Buster BolsterTM in action, visit https://vimeo.com/253443286

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